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Going into what promises to be a very close election, the White House can't have unforced errors like this in the headlines. @streiffredstate 

Opinion: Stop Listening to Coronavirus 'Experts' Who Are Just Looking for Their Next Cable News Hit

Investigative Notes Released Today in Flynn Case Confirm DOJ View Flynn Was Not Being Willfully False to FBI

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Woke: As Crime Surges, Seattle Votes to Defund the Police By 'At Least' 50%

Not All Face Masks Matter: Shopper Screamed at For Wearing MAGA Mask [Watch] via @beccajlower  #ICYMI 

Watch: Pres Trump Weighs in on 'Kanye 2020,' While Leftist Media Keeps Lobbing Duds His Way via @beccajlower  #ICYMI 


Dan Bongino Finds Out There's a Fourth Way the Government Can Spy on a Citizen

DOJ Responds to Andrew McCabe's Lawsuit and It's an Absolute Beatdown

IG Report Shows That Devin Nunes's 2018 Memo Was 100% Accurate and Way Too Kind to the FBI @streiffredstate 

Stunning: Dan Bongino Reveals FBI 302 from May 2017; FBI Team Tells Rod Rosenstein the President is NOT a Suspect

Gaetz Calls for Ban on Use of Chinese "Trojan Horse" Drones by US Law Enforcement

SWAT Pulls Guns and MRAP on Peaceful Reopen Protest In Texas, Arrest Eight, Dan Bongino and Other Americans Blast Them Big Time