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Department of Justice Threatens to Arrest Oregon Judges Who Try to Keep Immigration Agents From Enforcing the Law @streiffredstate 

Bill Barr's Federalist Society Speech Causes Bug-Eating Progressive Crazies to Call for His Impeachment @streiffredstate 

Support for Impeachment Is Starting to Burn Down

Democrats Try out yet Another Cause for Impeachment in Their Stalinist Show Trial as the Latest One Flounders @streiffredstate 

Nancy Pelosi Likes Impeachment So Much That She Has No Plans to End It @streiffredstate 


Alexander Vindman's Testimony Appears to Confirm He Illegally Leaked to the Whistle-Blower

CNN’s April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders’ Head Should Be “Lopped Off”

Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz Announce New Legislation Allowing Victims of Violence to Sue Sanctuary Cities

The New York Times Decides ‘Trump’s Racism’ Is The New Hotness After Russia Collusion Narrative Fails

NEW: The Dayton Shooter Was a Satanist, Leftist-Socialist, and Bernie/Warren Fan, Supported Antifa

John Durham and Bill Barr Have Expanded Their Investigation Into the Trump-Russia Fiasco

Nancy Pelosi’s December 2018 Rule Changes Block Republicans From Participating In Impeachment Process

Women’s March Striped of Human Rights Award for Its Blatant Antisemitism