It’s all the more reason we must commit to vote in November for the re-election of POTUS to continue to purge the corruption. No sinister campaign in history compares to what we’ve witnessed the past 3 years in their attempts to stop our success.

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Coronavirus: Testing capacity there but faster results and tracing needed

This has been the best 50 day rally ever for the US market. Nearly 40% in the last 50 days! India is up nearly 35%. What happens next is the BIG question! @_prashantnair  looks at historical data to try & answer this all important question

Numerous friends shared this meme with me after reading about my frustration with ‘webinars.’ Seems like a new medical condition called a Webinarcoma. 😊

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A multi-racial family going on a camping trip was accused of being members of Antifa, followed and then blocked from leaving after trees were cut down on the road, police said

Obama had 8 years to transform America and he was almost successful in turning it into a sh*thole. Now he wants to offer advice to the most successful president in United States history?

#OnCNBCTV18 | @HyundaiIndia  reported decent sales in May & is now seeing a return of #demand  at their dealerships in the first 4 days of June. Tarun Garg, director-sales, marketing & service says ‘Have received 1,000-1,200 bookings every day in June’ @_soniashenoy 

Tom Cotton wrote the op-ed with just one audience in mind: 2024 Republican presidential primary voters, who crave only the reddest of meat from their candidates

People know how important it is to stay safe, because coronavirus kills. So does racism. People across the world have found ways to protest while distancing and I’m sure they can do that on Melbourne streets tomorrow.