Democrat Apology Tour / Ilhan Omar / Ralph Northam / Democrats

Democrat Apology Tour Today: Ilhan Omar: Sorry, Not Sorry Ralph Northam: Sorry, Not Sorry These two have shone a spotlight on Democrats racism and anti-Semitism. They are not the exception, they represent the party. When they tell you who they are, believe them.

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Democrat Apology Tour / Ilhan Omar / Ralph Northam / Democrats

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Newcastle's £300million Saudi Arabian takeover seems to have hit a major stumbling block with the WTO ruling that the Saudi Arabian government has links to an illegal streaming service.

So is @Twitter  going to start censoring & fact-checking all the numerous blue check mark "journalists" & leftwing activists who falsely claimed that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government & that @realDonaldTrump  is a "puppet" of Putin for the past 4 years?  🤔🧐

GOP leadership aides say 54 House Democrats have submitted letters to have others vote on their behalf as part of House's new proxy voting. GOP leadership aides insist they will not have a problem with standing for this lawsuit.

Learn more on how Covid-19 is reshaping the economic system here

Google will reopen offices starting July 6 for a small number of employees, but warns that things will 'look and feel different' than when they left

What's better than mainstream media being caught and called out for publishing lies? Getting called out on national TV for being a hypocrite

Hmm, no fact check on this so I guess it must be true!

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As organizations look to adopt #AI , they face significant challenges in developing and using AI responsibly. Learn more about Microsoft's new Responsible ML tools in #Azure :

Warren Buffett is no stranger to risk--that's why he recommends this book.

On @itvnews  now: CFO of Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group says the government’s strategy for lifting retail lockdown is “a complete shambles”. Government denies guidance is vague and insists it was always clear 1st June was not a guaranteed date for reopening.