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Welcome to the Official Red Nation Rising Twitter page! Grassroots organization for Education, Constitution and Civics. #RedNationRising

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Liberals not only propagate policies antithetical to American sovereignty, economic nationalism, & US military strength, but their disgraceful rhetoric creates a serious threat to law enforcement officers. https://t.co/gibFaFMOEv
I have never seen our country like this and it all started with Obama becoming President. Americans must stand with President Trump daily to reverse O's hopeless change.
Trump Wins AGAIN! German Car Makers Call on EU to Scrap All Unfair Auto Tariffs https://t.co/n3ts09fEgQ
Dems don't REALLY care abt keeping kids w parents. They rejected Trump's offer on #DACA because it didn't include amnesty. Now they've rejected his offer to keep kids with parents bc it didn't include Catch&Release. Trump exposed they're FRAUDS on the entire issue. Brilliant!😎
Democrats are running on:

1) Raising your taxes.
2) Spending $350 billion a year on illegals.
3) Open borders.
4) Killing jobs.
5) Booing God.

Yeah, that should work...
Serious question; which one is the mom? | #RedNationRising
Oh, wait. Our cabal is collapsing. Nevermind. Open borders. Open arms. | #RedNationRising
Ran into a democrat at work today. He finally slithered away. | #RedNationRising
Detention is Bad, Abortion Is Good

Hates Border Patrol But Loves Planned Parenthood
Public service unions were authorized by EO and can be undone by EO.

There is no valid rational for them.

They exist only as a slush fund for Democrats and a protection for their minions.

To dismantle them is the only way to undo the Deep State.
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