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Welcome to the Official Red Nation Rising Twitter page! Grassroots organization for Education, Constitution and Civics. #RedNationRising

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Jason Chaffetz: The deep state is real; “I mean, they sent a spy essentially to just watch what I do,” Chaffetz concluded. “It’s amazing how brazen they are. The State Department did this.”

We must have civil service reform to be able to get rid of the Permanent Government Swamp
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Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Dem donors plan to hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing on Monday. They plan to “get very ugly, ugly” and “shut down” the hearing. #LockThemAllUp https://t.co/GYezPw3NnC
TRUMP BLASTS DEMOCRATS over Kavanaugh Accusations: “They could have done that until waiting until everything is finished and then all of the sudden spring it. But that’s what the Democrats do. That’s what they do. It’s obstruction. It’s resist. It’s whatever you have to do."
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💥Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to the DOJ Tuesday requesting an investigation into John Kerry’s meetings with top Iranian officials.💥

Take away Kerry’s security clearance and his passport. He's a clear & present danger to USA
Funny. 47 years in office after killing someone and zero outcry from the liberals. Now when it's pointed out, after the miserable SOB is dead, they say, oh well I never liked him. It rings pretty hollow with liberals today ignoring the charges against Keith Ellison
To the media and liberal base; accusations equating to evidence are the equivalent of Hillary Clinton being your president. It’s fairy tale. Come back to reality. | #RedNationRising
The @SenateDems want Kavanaugh to prove his innocence. The law, however, requires proving guilt. Their portrayal of high moral standards are merely an act to disguise promotion of their insidious agenda. They’ll lose again like always. | #RedNationRising
It’s time for #California to VOTE OUT Silly Swalwell #CA15

Vote for his opponent #USNAVY #Veteran
Rudy Peters who was attacked by a crazy liberal with a knife!!! #VoteRed #SaveOurDemocracy #SaveCalifornia
Democrat Eric Swalwell to Trump: I dare you to declassify the Obama DOJ surveillance documents.

Trump: Hold my Diet Coke...

Swalwell: You're absolutely lawless!!!

What a wormy little maggot. Dems wanted everything declassified in November. What changed???
They called Ford’s bluff on the alleged Kavanaugh assault. She’s MIA. Are you surprised? There will be an excuse presented as to why she can’t testify. She never thought they’d invite her. Now, she’s in a fix. | #RedNationRising
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