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Welcome to the Official Red Nation Rising Twitter page! Grassroots organization for Education, Constitution and Civics. #RedNationRising

Latest Scoops

Or, Avenatti could discover justice by simply publishing his autobiography | #RedNationRising
There’s domestic terrorists in every facet of American society...especially the news media. Media is the enemy of the American people. | #RedNationRising
It’s never good political action to advocate for something while supporting the opponent. | #RedNationRising
Is it just me or does this look like Cortez doing a bad impersonation of Hillary? | #RedNationRising
TFW the beta club is meeting and you’re not invited. No alphas allowed. America marches to its own drum. America first. | #RedNationRising
An artist from the science community has depicted what actual cancer cells look like. | #RedNationRising
The liberal crime mob was in favor of borders...until they realized their voter base was wising up to their corruption and walking away. | #RedNationRising
Visualizing voter fraud in Orange County, California | #RedNationRising
Jim Acosta’s son covers for him at school. 😉 | #RedNationRising
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