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‘Superwoman’ is out now. Really hope you like it! http://smarturl.it/RF_Superwoman

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Paris ❤️ What an amazing place until next time 💋
Rebecca Ferguson discusses racism in the music industry https://t.co/o35VVdf8Mz via @DailyMailCeleb
It can be disheartening when things don’t appear to go the way you would like, but everything has a time, so be thankful today hope for a better 2norow and trust in the universes ability to bring you what you want in the right time. #quoteoftheday
Interesting articles I’m reading tonight..
I’m glad that parliament is finally recognising work place bullying and forced NDA’s, this is something that is happening via the British court system and it is being used by powerful and rich individuals to silence their victims.
.@BekoUK pimped my kitchen with a new dryer 😅 apparently it senses when my clothes are dry and turns itself off 🤷🏽‍♀️ Now I just need a Beko robot 🤖 to match! that washes my dishes and automatically knows when they need to be washed 😅🤞🏽
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