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‘Superwoman’ is out now. Really hope you like it! http://smarturl.it/RF_Superwoman

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I hope all goes well for this little boy 🙏🏾 Are you @mad_about_harry? ?Share and donate to help Harry Banks fight Neuroblastoma - https://t.co/Q8gpH57jVq
Ok so my great grandparents were Irish ☘️ can I please come back to the motherland because this Brexit stuff is getting a bit scary! 😅🤦🏽‍♀️
Thank you @BBCRadio2 and to everybody who listened, it was such a lovely show to do, lovely people 😊 hope to see you all at @boisdaleCW x
She is shining at the minute and deserves all the love and success she is receiving from everybody x
I agree Pete I feel sorry for her in this situation and they’re going to run our country into the ground. X
Great day at @Gusto_Liverpool by @CarolynPR raising money for @cashforkids xx
AFSHeeN ft Rebecca Ferguson - Creatures Of The Night (Extended Mix) https://t.co/tHjHh7ylJa via @YouTube
I don’t particularly like Jonathan shalit that’s an opinion I have ...
AFSHeeN feat. Rebecca Ferguson - Creatures Of The Night https://t.co/V0W4jF61pu via @YouTube
It’s been an exciting week ❤️👀😘❤️😆 #happy #newmusic
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