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Daniel Negreanu

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I said this on the radio today and I really believe it. Vegas is going to sweep this series against Chicago. One win down. Three to go.

New VLOG premieres in 5 minutes I’ll be watching along with you and getting into the chat. Then 11am PST it’s time for another stream of the $2500 Double Stack! @GGPokercom 

New VLOG is live on Youtube! Barefoot, PREGNANT and a DEEP RUN in the @GGPoker  $5k 6-Max. We're loving Mexico and making another deep run thanks to some help from the Wife.

I believe that makes 23 cashes this WSOP and not a single final table. Shit is getting weird bro! Last hand today I jam A8 of spades, guy calls with A7. Flop A64 two spades Turn 5. River 3 across heart... it’s an 8 COME ON BRO!!! ???

Did I call him an idiot? Haha sorry if I did, I was so tilted the way the hand ran out ?

The dude who robbed my @venmo  @VenmoSupport  account has some balls. Cleaned it out and then still tried to pay for a $43 Uber ride on my dime. You just stole $15k dude, and you still need to get me for $43 more? Ain’t you a piece of work.

@phil_hellmuth  @WSOPI  @WPT  could see you winning 24 bracelets buddy... but you better start eating well and exercising so you can live long enough to win that many!

Change my mind: @cmcdavid97  is the greatest hockey player of all time. He is only 24. Has never won the cup. But no one has ever played hockey at this level. Speed, skill, size. He is simply the best. If you disagree, you would be wrong.


Proud supporter of @AndrewYangVFA  and looking forward to the next chapter. Love em’ or Love em’ he isn’t going anywhere #yangang .. #

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All poker operators: stop. Suspend all tournaments and cash games now. There isn’t a more infectious environment imaginable than a poker table. Shut it all down.

160 of 193 countries, including all developed countries except the US, have a VAT tax. Adapting a VAT tax could pay for a $1000 a month Universal Basic Income for those 18+ on its own $11,700 is the current poverty line in the US. #YangGang  #UBI 

Fantastic job @AndrewYang  #CNNTownHall  Great energy, great answers, great solutions. #MATH  #YangGang 

80% of Americans account for just 8% of stock ownership. The stock market is a horrible barometer for gauging the pulse of what is going on with the average American. Stock prices rising helps them minimally at best.

Are you tired of winning yet? Are we Great Again? Is this what Great looks like? A pandemic, police brutality, riots in the streets, a tanking economy, anxiety and fear in a country divided. If this is “winning” then yes, I am tired of it...

I have immense respect for those that take social distancing and wearing a mask seriously, even if they aren’t worried about themselves, but out of respect for others. Says a lot about a person. If everyone was that vigilant, we would have no pandemic.

An unabashed psychopath declaring war on the people. Been reading some old books regarding fascism and this is it folks. It’s exactly what it looks like. Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at innocent people. Denying them their 1st amendment rights.