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Actor, Author, Inspirational Speaker, @DDPYOGA Fitness Guru. Former 3 Time World Champion Wrestler. For Bookings contact

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With my boy @RicFlairNatrBoy 💥 WOOO! It’s a new week monkeys so it’s time to kick some ass, you got this! New week, new you. Consistency over time DELIVERS and by working towards the goals you have set for yourself you will see results. Be #positivelyunstoppable and #ownIT DDP
Hey Guy if you want this #UNSTOPPABLE T-shirt you only 24 more hours then it’s gone 20% of all proceeds go to #dav Disabled American Veterans #positivelyunstoppable #OwningIT @DDPYoga @WWE #wwe DDP
Happy 3rd Birthday to our beautiful boy Diesel 🎂💥☺️ @BrendaKayPage DDP💎 #positivelyunstoppable #owningIT
The Bad Guy, The King of Bada Bing & The Snake are #PositivelyUnstoppable brother! @JakeSnakeDDT @SCOTTHALLNWO
Letting you guys know that Jake and I will be at @Pensacon next weekend February 22-24th at the @CrownePlaza in Pensacola, Florida 💥 see you there! DDP💎 #bang
Had such a blast on the @jericho_cruise doing the Tribute to Eddie Guerrero Podcast
Love these guys💥 @IAmJericho @reymysterio @Konnan5150

If you guys have the chance you do not want to miss the next Rock N Wresting Cruise Jan 20-24th 2020, tickets are on Pre-Sale NOW! DDP💎
FLUFFY you are killing it brother! 💥You guys gotta check out his new @netflix special #OneSHOWfitsAll @fluffyguy #PositivelyUnstoppable #OwningIT DDP💎
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I can eat breakfast at any point of the day😊 5 whole 🥚 eggs, 2 egg 🥚 whites, organic Alfalfa Sprouts, Microgreens, diced red onion, 2 pieces of Canyon bread, organic strawberry jelly and fresh organic grapefruit juice💥 and yes I cooked all of it💎 #PositivelyUnstoppable DDP
This video is dedicated to most beautiful woman in the world my wife @BrendaKayPage this is the gift that keeps giving year after year after year😘 I Love Love Love You D xoxo
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Today is the LAST day to get the Unstoppable T-shirt in support of my book, and in support of @DAVHQ Disabled American Veterans.
Get it now!
This video is dedicated to most beautiful woman in the word my wife Brenda Page this is gift that keeps giving year after year after year😘 I Love Love Love You D xoxo

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62 Years Young and still coming out of Nowhere 💥 one word says it ALL #BANG THANKS to
For letting Playing in your Yard DDP #DDPYworks
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Guys! Resurrection is now streaming on @hulu 💥
Retweet if you’ve seen it!!
I'm stunned! 1st Dusty now Roddy I'm incredibly bummed! He was one my favorite people on our planet GOD BLESS HOT ROD
I am so sadden by loss of my very close friend @TheGeneOkerlund You brother were one of the truly GREAT ONES. You will be miss more than you know! I Love you Man! RIP Geno💎 @RealDDP DDP
Today is a super sad day for me and wrestling fans everywhere. I just found out NiKolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler & Brickhouse Brown all passed away today. It literally took my breathe away. My deepest sympathies go out to all their families. God Bless you brothers. Gods Speed DDP

@JohnCena @AJStylesOrg



Get Ready for Mania

Much respect going out my man @WWERomanReigns #YouGotThisJOE #Prayers @WWE #WWE @DDPYoga DDP
"Bad times don't last but bad guys do." Scott Hall
Just spoke to @JakeSnakeDDT 's girlfriend, Jake is now conscious but still fading in and out. Please keep the prayers coming.
Today is a sad day. One of the greatest big men to ever grace the squared circle has passed - "Big" Van Vader. My prayers are with you brother. #Respect #RIPVader God bless you and your family. 💎💥 #wweDDP
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