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Our society is rotting and decaying in so many ways, and our colleges and universities are prime examples - https://t.co/bTQvEwp2d9
Former Governor says Mika Brzezinski ‘can go pound sand somewhere’ - https://t.co/63Bbf9zDaB
Trump aide refutes claims of being fired, dragged from White House - https://t.co/JKbGivefIM
Fake News and ‘Bye Felicia’: Black female dems attack conservative black woman
DC insiders reveal two reasons for Ryan’s exit - https://t.co/EAtwl7NfQA
Numerous leftists on Twitter lobbed death threats at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai after the committee voted to repeal Obama-era “net neutrality” regulations - https://t.co/6unG6O6jgt
A California lawmaker introduced a resolution to ban the use of autonomous weapons - https://t.co/aa9r9sHeXa
The House Judiciary committee was a spectacle of division as democrats and republicans grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
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Paul Ryan has indicated this will be his final term as Speaker of the House...
- https://t.co/SA01NFO02z #tcot #tlot
Wikileaks founder echoes Matt Drudge's ominous warnings - https://t.co/UXNdR2vHEI
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