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Latest Scoops

The MSM’s bias is on full display as they selectively cover potential campaign law violations - https://t.co/Y94p0jtjW4
Flashback: Democrat Party Hails ‘President Kanye West' - https://t.co/jBGzCh3qp8 #tcot #tlot #Kanye2025 #maga
Google uses search manipulation to swing the preference of undecided voters by burying relevant results to keywords that would otherwise present negative Democrat info - https://t.co/M8o6q98Mib
Flashback: Democrat Party Hails ‘President Kanye West’
- https://t.co/jBGzCh3qp8 #tcot #tlot
.@kanyewest WE'RE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING!! https://t.co/gKosgxQIQC
Jake Lloyd predicts that tensions will soon mount in the South China Sea due to the dispute over Taiwan’s legitimacy - https://t.co/1vFlnN7wza
The University of Utah has installed a “Cry Closet” in its library for stressed-out snowflake students to relieve tears in for 10 minutes at a time - https://t.co/0weywLo1Xz
I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the Deputy 🎵🎶 - https://t.co/bogzp3xlJN
Hip-hop artist Chance The Rapper defended fellow Chicago rapper @kanyewest, who is under attack by leftist media - https://t.co/RnMVlRUnXm #maga 🇺🇸
The state decides whether you live or die – even if the Vatican, with all of its resources offers to help you - https://t.co/fzyZM4fWkg #WakeUpAmerica
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