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Migrant Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl, Only Gets Community Service
- https://t.co/ElEe1a94sk
Liberals love killing babies, make no mistake - https://t.co/mhFtXKP46f #tcot #tlot
Rosenstein ‘Theatricks’ Sabotage The Executive Office
- https://t.co/cBt46YTpDV #infowars #12Russians
NOW LIVE: Facebook To Democrats: "We Are Already Censoring #Infowars & 80% Of Conservative Posts"!

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Facebook To Democrats: "We Are Already Censoring Infowars And 80% Of Conservative Posts" https://t.co/rAscHGLbKH
Rod Rosenstein had a press conference where he broke the news that #12Russians were being indicted for hacking into the #DNCserver. This was all #debunked by former #NSA and father of the surveillance state #BillBinney - https://t.co/cQOgfvkBfU #infowars
Jack Burkman has been independently investigating the unsolved murder of DNC employee Seth Rich. He has come forward with a new eyewitness and an exclusive news story on a DC Police witness - https://t.co/UZJ1ttjCGS
Cohen has dumped his waning career and a percentage of his fans to join a roster of Infowars mocking clones that eventually end up in the trash dump of history.

Learn More: https://t.co/e3Hb5XcOqq
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Infowars reporter Rex Jones breaks down the recent bill proposed in the House of Representatives that will criminalize committing certain acts while in disguise - https://t.co/ng0qV3hFoD
There's a new study that shows there is a stealthy STD-type bug that sterilizes the women it infects - https://t.co/6I3x9hxBl7
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