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The elite are flooding countries with people who will not assimilate https://t.co/aCtTe9Ro6w #wakeupamerica
The decision could reveal the truth about the Federal Reserve -
https://t.co/1975HJSiFJ #infowars #endthefed #auditthefed
Now cities and towns are what will be regulating local food production, not the federal government.
- https://t.co/CveQS1fSo9 #health #usa
Twitter denies censorship, claims technical glitch -
https://t.co/0GS7POsQMD 😂👍
It's time for Christians to get involved in politics and wake up to the NWO - https://t.co/oB6Q6qUvpv #usa
Watch Live: Why Ineffective AG Sessions Will Be Fired -
https://t.co/XqxINhr5YA #TuesdayThoughts #infowars #usa
Watch LIVE: Why Ineffective AG Jeff Sessions Will Be Fired -
https://t.co/ekVkMJGNoi #InfowarsLIVE #usa #maga
Facebook CEO accuses Musk of stirring up "doomsday scenarios" regarding the future of A.I. - https://t.co/jzfnf66FTF #infowars
The World Health Organization is now touting a measles epidemic in Europe. https://t.co/yAeiF6olsM #health #vaccines
WATCH LIVE!! President Trump is holding a rally in Ohio where he’s sure to break some bombshell developments:
https://t.co/mXD6oRN6QY #usa
Founder of McAfee Associates claims someone tried to 'off him' -
https://t.co/7bmigvnioF @officialmcafee
Iranian Kurdistan Pleads to US: Support Human Rights in Iran -
https://t.co/iM5Km9ypsi #tcot #tlot
Newly appointed White House Communications has fired an aide & Sean Spicer in a bid to purge White House leakers - https://t.co/SsOPm0bLgj
A top globalist publication has called for Trump to be impeached in the event he fires Robert Mueller
https://t.co/GwtA34ZleR #tcot #tlot
An inside look into how Trump is moving against the globalist operatives still within the White House https://t.co/hSjoJnIAry #infowars #usa
Samples of Ben & Jerry’s tested positive for the herbicide glyphosate, which has been linked to #cancer - https://t.co/pnI0VY5Nwo #health
Turkey’s President Tayip Erdogan has unleashed a reign of terror that is largely cloaked by the media...
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Fake street signs are popping up around Minnesota after a Muslim Somali officer killed a yoga instructor last week - https://t.co/I1jsx8clX6
Infowars to release exclusive details of Trump's purge of traitors! https://t.co/5PAYpiYrPW

#maga #infowars #usa
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