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Well, color me disappointed (and more than a little surprised). As it turns out, the President did NOT present his comprehensive plan to replace the Affordable Care Act by today’s promised deadline. Maybe they’re still putting on the finishing touches?

For the life of me I don’t understand the politics behind the Senate leaving Washington without a deal on the next relief package, and allowing the eviction moratorium to expire. Inside 100 days to the election, does it make sense? Do they want to see Fri’s jobless number first?

@MollyJongFast  “Democratic meddling” is mentioned in the subhed and again in the copy...with no examples, no explanation, no detail. When Republicans have their own problems they can only involve unexplained “Democratic meddling.”

If, as promised, the coming plan covers more people, with better coverage, for less money, I’m interested! (A tall order: maybe that’s why it’s taken so long?!) Who wouldn’t want that?

@andrewcallan  @MollyJongFastI  think the writer ought to connect the dots a little better if the story is going to repeat Republican alibis. That’s all. Make a charge, back the charge.

If the complete plan gets rolled out later today, somebody's going to be embarrassed!

To spend much time here is to encounter a) people who know the deepest inmost thoughts of people they’ve never met, b) subtle details of governance and daily life in places they’ve never been, and c) key variables of events they didn’t witness. Such a gift!

Jeez, Soledad, who needs the competition? Life’s hard enough!

“We’re lower than the world.”


The population of Puerto Rico is larger than that of 21 US states. Would a similar crisis in Iowa get the same lack of attention?

It has been fascinating to read posts from people who have deeply internalized the idea that if a white man orders a black man to do something, he really should do it. (Or else, he's taking a risk, and has only himself to blame for the consequences)

Nigeria: the source of the most highly educated immigrants to the US of any country on the planet.

What we'll inevitably do, is get all distracted by the use of the word "shithole," instead of focusing on the embedded sentiment: That the United States is better off if Norwegians come here than Nigerians. Incidentally...Nigerians are THE most highly educated immigrants to US.

The OANN reporter’s Russian accent in the Buffalo police assault victim report is just a grace note, an aural maraschino cherry stop a poisoned sundae. This stuff gets crazier by the day.

@jrivanob  Grant whipped the men whose statues are being pulled down across the South, and did it well aware that he was ending slavery in the entire country by doing so. He came to detest slavery, and freed the man given him by his father-in-law. Doing this is just plain dumb. Ludicrous.

a) Ask yourself the question, "What are we doing here?" b) Then ask yourself, "Does this person help us do it? Do we increase public knowledge and understanding o the issues? c) If your answer is "no," stop booking her! (BTW, It's not even-handedness. It's adversarial theater.)

Who's he kidding? No amount of "assimilation" (whatever that is) will ever be judged "enough." That's the trick.That's the game. Permanent foreignness, regardless of what you actually do. The majority of Latinos in the US, 2/3, are native-born, most are English-speaking. Capisce?

Will Rep. Mia Love, (R-UT), a member of Congress born in Brooklyn to Haitian-born parents, have anything to say about her party's leader saying stuff like this?

Why didn't they go with this look? Far more accurate. https:/

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