Katie Couric / Trump

WATCH: Katie Couric broke news about Trump on ‘Real Time’ — and it is hilarious

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Katie Couric / Trump

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The Pentagon's number three official resigned on Wednesday at the request of Pres. Trump—but it was unclear why.

@AFP  @carlottagall : @nytimes  #ptNEW  reports suggest M #TurkeyRLs  have also targeted pro- f #Assadorces  around Nubl & Zahra. This appears to be a significant development -- either a message from t #Turkeyo  o #Russiar  the start of a more serious Turkish push-back.

Six men jailed for rape and assault of two girls in Huddersfield

@BarbMcQuade  argues to @Lawrence  that Trump's new round of commutations and pardons is to desensitize "the public to this idea that corruption is not a big deal" so it'll be more palatable when Trump decides to pardon his corrupt friends, like Roger Stone

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Collection plate: The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has to pay more than $150,000 in legal fees for a man who won a lawsuit allowing him to put "IM GOD" on his license plate. #odd 

Many US coronavirus patients are being sent to a special state-of-the-art facility in Nebraska. It has its own ventilation system and staff with specialized training. It once even successfully treated Ebola.

The longtime advice columnist blamed her firing on the president, who she said "dragged me through the mud."

"Three people killed at the same time? That was a message for something."

'It's getting bad' in downtown Austin. Everyone knows it—except for Austin City Council. Downtown Austin business owner wants City leaders to acknowledge safety concerns over homeless camps. The facts in this story are disturbing.

Trump and @PressSec  treat reporters with utter contempt, try to destroy their profession, and they respond by repeating their obvious, easily debunked lies uncritically.