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Honey Badger Sings: The 12 Nastyass Days of Christmas Happy holidays, honey badgers! one is for y'all! =) #Thisoxo  RT #Love 

@realDonaldTrump ⁩ just said one of the best things he's done is fire James Comey...really? That's the "best" thing you've done in office? Lame...LMFAO =) xoxo #HBDC  RT #ImpeachmentDay 

HBDC Narrates: Pythons and Jackals and Honey Badgers Don't Care VOTE #HBDC  =) xoxo RT #FridayMotivation 

At least 2 dead, 1 wounded in shooting at Texas church #Topbuzz  Literally during thoughts and prayers. =( xoxo RT

Impeachment wars are the best! =) xoxo #HBDC 

@seewhatsnext  See what's next-me throwing up all over myself! Im so happy they've managed to shrink Paltrow to become a tiny gynecologist! How endearing...NOT! Be afraid...be like, super afraid! =| xoxo #hbdc  #no 


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MENTAL NOTE: never take animal rights advice from a man who has eaten wolf meat! =) xoxo RT #BanHorseCarriages  #BadJedi  #Whoopsy 

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