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#Malaysia on Tuesday deported over 1,000 #Myanmar  nationals back to their homeland just weeks after a coup, the country's immigration chief said, despite a court order halting the repatriation and a storm of criticism from rights groups

The Biden administration is moving toward reengaging with the #Palestinians  after a near-total absence of official contact under former President Donald Trump, whose Mideast policy focused largely on #Israel .

#UPDATE A German court has convicted a former member of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s secret police of facilitating the torture of prisoners. It's a landmark ruling that human rights activists hope will set a precedent for other cases.

Saudi activist #LoujainAlHathloul  may be enjoying the outdoors in a desert camp after nearly three years in jail, but like other released detainees, she endures imprisonment in another form –- a ban on leaving the country

At least 75 inmates dead in #Ecuador  prison riots blamed on gang rivalry at three jails in Ecuador's overcrowded prison system. As security forces battled to regain control, distraught family members waited desperately for news outside the prisons

An Iraqi preacher said to be ‘IS Leader’ in #Germany  was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison Known as Abu Walaa he was accused of directing a jihadist network which radicalised young people in Europe and helped them travel to Iraq and Syria


#Israel military said it would investigate unexpected civilian casualties in a strike yesterday on an Islamic Jihad target in the #Gaza  Strip. The airstrike overnight struck a home killing 8 people, including 2 women and 5 children under the age of 13.

Israelis urge Netanyahu to quit over coronavirus, corruption charges About 2,000 Israelis rallied outside #Netanyahu ’s residence in Jerusalem as protests mounted against him over his handling of a worsening coronavirus crisis and alleged corruption.

Hollywood actor Benicio del Toro joined Palestinians at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday in a demonstration against the Israeli army's killing of 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border. #Palestinians  #Gaza  #Israel  #Cannes2018 

Thousands of farmers across #India  blocked roads on Saturday with makeshift tents, tractors, trucks and boulders to pressure the government to roll back agricultural reforms that have triggered months-long protests. #FarmerLivesMatter 

Survivors of slave auctions in Libya have described a "total hell" that they wouldn't wish on their "worst enemy" as global outrage grows over footage showing migrants being sold off in the war-torn country #Libya  #SlaveAuction 

#Trump pardoned former U.S. Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna, who was imprisoned for five years for killing an Iraqi prisoner in 2008. Behenna, who stripped Ali Mansur naked for questioning and then shot him twice, claimed he was acting in self-defense.

Death toll soars to 20, stores ransacked for food in deadly night of anti-government protests in Caracas#Venezuela