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Justice Joseph Story, 1833: "no one has as yet been bold enough to assert, that the power of impeachment is limited to offences positively defined in the statute book of the Union, as impeachable high crimes and misdemeanours."

In the Senate impeachment trial, both parties tax the capacity for belief. @bopinion 

Mark Tushnet is really not up to speed on today's school-choice case.

Good news for parents about retirement (and bad news about pre-retirement)

The Senate trial is a diversion from what pressing business, exactly?

If the book's thesis (as described here) is right, why is affirmative action so much less of an issue now than it was two decades ago?


kind of love the idea that Mueller has been biding his time all these years, just waiting for revenge over those golf-club fees.

In the latest National Review, I explain why I disagree with most of my colleagues on impeachment.

You've got to make allowances for Trump because he's new at provoking constitutional crises.

It is frankly disgusting that the president made this statement.

Don Lemon is telling Chris Cuomo that it's "beneath the dignity" of their network to have @KellyannePolls  on.

The "truly bad people" have now been identified.

Trump calls Libya “another one of her disasters.” Yep.

Net effect of a clumsy, ill-considered assertion of presidential power could be a lasting reduction of it.

If the shutdown killed the televised State of the Union address, something good will have come from it.

Oh no all the people who gave up Twitter for Lent are back.