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Our Country is being sold out.
A Congress packed full of traitors, collaborators and appeasers does nothing.
Vote them out!

What does Putin have on Trump? https://t.co/I34yTrGsKC
It’s well past time for Congress to consider impeaching.
This treasonous behavior must stop.

Gowdy: Trump advisers should consider quitting over Russia https://t.co/5HIbf3phiQ via @politico
Senator Smith must sell millions of dollars in medical device stocks before doing anything on health care legislation.
Americans are tired of conflicts of interest; we’re tired of being overcharged by insurance, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
He’s my Rep. We call him Mini-Trump. He’ll lose to Angie Craig, a successful business executive who, unlike some sitting senators, sold all of her medical device stock even before running for Congress. No racism; no conflicts. It’s not too much to ask for.
Congress should be impeaching him.
They let him start a trade war instead.
An immediate disaster for American agriculture, then for other exports and the rest of the economy.

https://t.co/XGcNpK4478 via @WSJ
We cannot allow this treasonous behavior. Trump, Pence, and their administration must be held accountable.

If I represent Minnesota in the Senate, I will be relentless in pursuing judiciary committee hearings.

Help me get there. No PACs and no rubles!

This President is a traitor. Either we impeach and remove him or we start learning Russian.
Finally. mainline churches get serious about exposing the frauds who use religion to spread hate and rake in the cash.
Speaking of which, how is Trump’s evangelical advisory council “advising” him on Russia?

In addition to gun fanatics we have “religious” fanatics who think the Bible is a book about guns, abortions and gays.
Easy pickings for Putin.

Russian Spy Suspect Was Infiltrating Christian Right As Well As Gun Groups https://t.co/DLz5laGeh6 via @intelligencer
From Russia with love....for the men of the NRA.
For her the automatic weapon is a sex symbol.
For American school children it brings fear and sometimes death.
And all of this fits right in with Putin’s plan.

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