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Liberals better stop living in fantasy land and insisting Trump and Pence both go at once. If people think they have something on Pence, they can investigate and deal with it. But we must be unified on this now. If Trump fires Mueller, he goes ASAP. We deal with Pence later.
All hands on deck.
Every single House and Senate member must make a statement NOW that a Mueller firing will not be tolerated. Make it clear that if Trump does this on a Thursday, Mike Pence becomes president on Friday.
This is disgusting. $3.5 million coming into the Minneapolis market alone. GOP money men will probably come in with even more. If I run for senate, I’ll take nothing from PACs or Super PACs. This money has strings attached; it’s not worth it.
https://t.co/V4omjNluYZ via @NBCNews
More government waste.
Who in their right mind would give her $13 billion to spend on anything?
The money needs to go to state and local governments that actually understand the problem.
What does she know about drug abuse?

Perhaps the most expensive taxpayer funded mile high club in U.S. history.

Steve Mnuchin spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer dollars on eight flights https://t.co/64pdJtpyjq via @MotherJones
Minnesota politicians love Tweeting out photos of the Boundary Waters. This one, however, has a story about what Jared and Ivanka's billionaire landlord from Chile wants to do up there.

This man has the ability to destroy human civilization in about 20 minutes. Most members of the House and Senate say little about it and do even less. The Constitution gives them the power to deal with him, but they won't.

This president is unhinged.
Only a few members of the House and Senate speak out.
The rest will get booted in November.
He needs to go now. He is not safe with nukes and he is creating a constitutional crisis.

The word for this is fraud. A crime.
New York has an Attorney General.
His job is to prosecute crime.
And he will.

Bloomberg: Kushner company reaped high returns with misleading paperwork @CNNPolitics https://t.co/IafcZ1ETci
He thinks the White House is the Trump Organization, that the staffers are Stormy Daniels.
These NDAs aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Trump pushed White House staff to sign non-disclosure agreements: report https://t.co/S3wjCnMuIE via @KCENNews
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