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Excuses for Rick Scott, Chris Collins and other candidates with million dollar conflicts of interest:
1. Trump does it too.
2. My position on abortion is more important than the fact that I own millions in health care stocks while voting on your health care.
3. Hillary’s email.
This is exactly why the Constitution has the Emoluments Clause.
And why we must elect a new Congress to enforce it.

Trump and Saudi Arabia: Deep business ties spark new scrutiny https://t.co/yyXvq5tC7c via @CBSMoneyWatch
It’s not just the Russians. Trump colludes with the Saudis as well.
@BillKristol and other conservatives have been on to this for a long time. But the GOP still doesn’t get it.https://t.co/PgJveSFowC
Two weeks ago a second emoluments suit against Trump moved forward.
Why have the emoluments clause?
Foreign meddling in US politics, murdered journalists, espionage, trade disputes, wars ...
Our leaders should be in our side not theirs.

https://t.co/w07mcInhmx via @USATODAY
Winning strategy for 2018:
Run candidates who don’t collude with Russia, haven’t been indicted for insider trading, aren’t under investigation for domestic violence, and don’t own millions in medical device or pharma stocks while voting on our health care. Should be simple but...
Another accident in Russia.
Some Russians are more accident prone than others.
And helicopters are risky after all ...

Kremlin official tied to Trump Tower meeting killed in chopper crash https://t.co/kBGI30IlHA via @MailOnline
He loves the sword dance,
The Saudis buy his million dollar condos.
Their ambassadors stay in his hotel.
The Saudi government deals with journalists the way he would like to deal with journalists.
He would make a great King of Saudi Arabia.

This is corrupt.
A Secretary of State is a referee for elections.
No state should elect a Secretary of State from the Republican or Democratic Party. Minnesotans voting for independent Bill Denney @Denney2018 are sick and tired of these partisan tricks.

It’s well past time for Trump to provide answers in person and under oath.

Trump's lawyers preparing answers to Mueller's questions @CNN https://t.co/2wcmbCkAgc
Make America Great trade negotiations gain access to foreign markets for Make America Great campaign contributors. Quid pro quo on multiple levels.
And corrupt.

How did Trump and Abe end up discussing a major GOP donor’s next casino? https://t.co/pBoWiWuFl2 via @qz
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