Victory Day / Red Square / Telegram

Russia celebrates the 76th anniversary of WWII Victory Day with traditional grand military parade in Moscow's iconic Red Square Follow us on Telegram

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Victory Day / Red Square / Telegram

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Reminder: “Taken” is a great Father’s Day movie. Ex-wife and daughter roll their eyes at Dad as uptight, unsuccessful, and a little silly. It turns out he was right about everything and had to come to the rescue. Full title should have been “Taken For Granted

Critical race theory is not history

Tucker Carlson reported that "FBI operatives were organizing the attack at the Capitol." So I asked Fox: Did the newsroom vet his reporting? Does the newsroom have followup stories in the works? It's odd that they haven't aired news segments about this 🤔

@brianstelter  on the Jan. 6th riot: "The best thing that reality-based media can do is roll the tape... Expose the lies, but start with what's real. And here is what's real. The riot is a present tense story every day due to prosecutions and legal battles and new revelations."

"The race wars in America are back and in this edition of woke politics, they have taken the holiday of Juneteenth hostage" says @JosephPinion .

Racism kept a Black WWII vet from a Purple Heart, he says. At 99, he got the award.

How did KitKats go big in Japan? Why did so many men grow pandemic beards? How did Trump win the presidency? @gilliantett  on how anthropology explains business, politics, & the world:

The top tax bracket is 37%, but the 25 richest Americans paid an average of 15.8% on their reported income from 2014 to 2018:

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