Robot doctor performs health checks on kindergarteners in China

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JUST IN: A lawyer for Peter STRZOK says some of the agent's notes recently made ublic by the FLYNN defense team "appear to have been altered," including with at least one handwritten notation that is incorrect >>>

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To those defending Trump's tax practices because "everybody does it," I am on tv frequently, but have never deducted my haircuts on my taxes. & my kids are really smart, but I've never paid them consultancy fees, let alone deducted such payments on my taxes. Not everybody does it

Breaking News: The coronavirus has killed more than one million people worldwide since it emerged, more than influenza, malaria, cholera and measles, combined. The agonizing toll, compiled from official counts, far understates how many have really died.

Trump’s worst poll numbers against Biden were during the summer COVID surge. Even if you do not care at all about people’s health and safety, if you’re a GOP governor, the *worst* thing you can do, politically, is lay the groundwork for a spike right before Election Day.

Propaganda #101  1. Media leak (anonymous or not) timed to inflict the damage you want 2. Info may be true or false 3. Other media will copy. Pundits will discuss on TV endlessly 4. Other news is eclipsed; all are on point w/ defined topic 5. Mission accomplished!

President Trump is in fact a billionaire, though, he paid only $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017

BREAKING: Police are reporting a 911 outage nationwide

It essentially accuses Cameron of hiding behind grand jury secrecy requirements while misleading the public about evidence the grand jury actually saw. It asks the court to release the record in the interest of justice, transparency, and accountability.

NYT: Top White House officials pressured the CDC this summer to downplay the risk of sending children back to school

Promises made, promises kept.