#GoT fans are angry: 350k signatures in 24h for petition to remake final season

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A single person with a clarity of conscience and a willingness to speak up can make a difference.

British politicians tried voting electronically. They decided they'd rather stand in a half-mile line.

Within minutes, journalists discovered that most of the viral clips of bricks included in a White House video had already been investigated and debunked.

Donald Trump is waging war on vote-by-mail. The facts don't support it

Exclusive footage of @JudyMurray  trying to teach 'other son' @Duncan__Murray  how to play tennis...🤦‍♀️ From: @funtimeforbesy  #ShortStuff '>Mor #ShortStuff  here!

Less than half of all black Americans currently have a job, an employment-to-population ratio that is “massively alarming,” one economist said.

ICYMI: Search ongoing for 'dangerous' prisoner who escaped Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility on Friday evening

Follow the latest coronavirus developments as masked protesters gather to take part in Black Lives Matter marches, despite concerns over mass gatherings

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