Democratic voters have few choices outside #Gabbard  if they oppose #American  interventionism

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Army veteran Paul Rieckhoff says President Trump must be “dragged in front of the American people to answer what he knew and when” over US intel that Russians purportedly offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans.

A heavily-armed Black Militia swarms Stone Mountain on July 4th. That story generates no national news coverage. But an armed white couple gets crucified by the MSM for defending their home against a mob? via @toddstarnes 

DRDO-built Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel#COVID19  Hospital in Delhi Cantonment, the temporary hospital structure has been erected in 11 days and will have 1,000 beds including 250 ICU beds: DRDO officials

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel who have recovered from COVID19 are donating plasma for treatment of COVID19 patients. They say, "We are proud to have donated plasma to save lives of other patients. This is another way to serve the country."

Biden vows to uproot systemic racism in Fourth of July message

Fireworks are seen over Washington, DC, as the US Navy Band performs "1812 Overture." #CNNFourthofJuly 

What a marvellous example of 100% Murdoch bias. Albo projected to retain the seat. Yet Murdoch, that giant protection racket for the Liberals, spins it as a Morrison win! #MurdochRoyalCommission 

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