How do you feel about #Rammstein  using #Holocaust  and #Nazi  imagery to express their artistic freedom?

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JUST IN: Trump trade war costing average household $580: CBO

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So Antifa starts threatening my local event, which takes place only a few miles from my house, then claims they are acting in self defense? I fucking live here Get the fuck out of my area and stop threatening us

Danish PM says she is surprised that the US president canceled his visit over refusal to sell Greenland.

US moves to abolish migrant custody limits so children can be detained indefinitely

A reminder that, in essence, owners are temporary custodians of our Football institutions. Some care deeply about their clubs and community and bring immeasurable joy. Others do not. This is what Bury FC means to its fans 😢

BREAKING: @janisfrayer  in Hong Kong: "There is an intensity to this that I didn't see over the weekend ... Now, it seems to have returned to some of the tactics that we believed both sides were trying to get away from. "

Trump quotes conspiracy theorist claiming Israelis "love him like he is the second coming of God"

ACT OF KINDNESS: A man who lost his wife in the El Paso shooting had his SUV stolen and vandalized after her funeral. Then, a local car dealership stepped up in a big way

March For Our Lives organizers have unveiled a gun control plan. It calls for: • Halving gun deaths over 10 years • Higher standards for gun ownership • Enacting red flag laws The group says its plan could prevent 200,000 gun deaths over 10 years.

"Titanic is returning to nature" Parts of the wreck are now deteriorating rapidly [Tap to expand]