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Latest Scoops

14 minutes
Space junk plunges out of orbit and crashes on #California farm (PHOTOS) https://t.co/3cp6W4RFm5 https://t.co/AeHuY5v1zN
29 minutes
Dizzying footage of a Chinese unit conducting overnight live fire drills!
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45 minutes
'Stop & enjoy the weirdness': Steel balls sent hurtling down str#Seattleeet after truck sheds load (VIDEOS) htthttps://t.co/jeIgBRAab6ps://t.co/XS2DO6rDHC
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59 minutes
Saudis admit missing journalist #Khashoggi died in accidental ‘fistfight’ inside consulate https://t.co/VtnIZm77Sm
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‘You don’t see this everyday’: Plane makes epic emergency landing amid freeway traffic (VIDEO) https://t.co/iOOMFTku1V
US invents new ‘meddling’ charges to play ‘Russia card’ ahead of midterms – Moscow FM official https://t.co/HFVddHcPgz
World’s largest amphibious aircraft AG600 completes first water takeoff in China
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1,000s gather in #London for ‘biggest’ anti-#Brexit rally seeking final say (WATCH LIVE) https://t.co/SvIE0Rl7Kc https://t.co/ccjM4AA2j6
Migrant caravan heading for the US border rumbles on through Mexico!
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What, you didn’t know that grazing elephants are absolutely normal in #Siberia? https://t.co/nrOuaXekKT
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