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3 minutes
It’s not yet clear if the victim had already met the woman before he was attacked https://t.co/Dsof7z48Md
18 minutes
Fears of deadly gas explosion as lava inches toward Hawaii geothermal plant (VIDEOS) https://t.co/L86WWNX2dG
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33 minutes
Body farm in UK? Britain ‘mulls’ creating grisly research center with decaying humans https://t.co/EluueQ6azt
47 minutes
From ships to small boats: Navy set to guard Crimean Bridge https://t.co/oTwt8ebaB4
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#Putin: 'Europe depends on the US for defense. Don’t worry about it – we will help' https://t.co/uc50VZsD4J
URGENT: ‘Impeach president for betraying the constitution’ – #Italy’s 5-star leader after govt formation fail https://t.co/sCu4NhvQQc
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‘Mother of all thunderstorms’: UK hit by up to 20,000 lightning strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) https://t.co/PNQM66LR37
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Former US President George H.W. #Bush hospitalised https://t.co/GhUWFuduKg
MORE: #Italy may face a new election by the end of 2018 after failing to form govt https://t.co/sCu4NhNrHK
‘Unprecedented institutional clash’: #Italy fails to form govt over anti-EU economic minister https://t.co/sCu4NhvQQc
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