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2 minutes
#Israel plans to ease some #Gaza restrictions as #Egypt brokers end of violence https://t.co/Z9lQzgLgAX
17 minutes
#Duterte says #Beijing should rethink its behavior in disputed #SouthChinaSea https://t.co/1UINpgxduq
26 minutes
‘Wreaths for terrorists’: #Netanyahu & fac#Corbyne off over ‘anti-Semitism’ as Twitter erupts https://t.co/XJgTLMT9m0
32 minutes
Shedding skin, changing within!
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47 minutes
No more gender studies: '#Hungary's govt is of the clear view that people are born either men or women' - aide https://t.co/XW1BG2kLdS
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Fight #Taliban or co-operate with #ISIS? US seems to be unsure as Taliban at its strongest since 2001
READ MORE: https://t.co/gZrkDmJVKk
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Norwegian minister quits after Iran trip with asylum seeker girlfriend https://t.co/c6WCqH5tvG
Routine traffic stop turns into an INSANE gun fight between Stat Police and a motorist! https://t.co/dBOaxlfXz9
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US ‘shoots itself in the foot’ suspending #OpenSkies Treaty with Russia – retired general https://t.co/ZINPMdvgGZ
For the second time, Latin American news network #Telesur has its Facebook page removed, with no explanation given https://t.co/mc6nqnh9a4
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