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4 minutes
Looks like NOTHING will be able to stop Boston Dynamics’ creepy realistic robot dog!
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19 minutes
Open door policy?: Tennessee inmate escapes from jail - for 6th time https://t.co/XgzKg9B1Xf
34 minutes
‘See if it fits’: Brief panic as SUV enters pedestrian passage in St. Petersburg https://t.co/5waW6xavBC
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45 minutes
UPDATE: 1 person killed in reported 'grenade attack' of US Embassy in #Montenegro https://t.co/VXG86oagwJ https://t.co/Uzi7wVOGus
49 minutes
US position on humanitarian situation in #EasternGhouta ‘egregious double standards’ – senior Russian diplomat https://t.co/wLl9mRsZps
RAW: Heavy shelling by Turkish forces continues in Kurdish-held Syrian city of Afrin with footage showing the devastation
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US intelligence tags #Duterte a ‘threat to democracy’, Philippines is 'seriously' concerned https://t.co/MkQZBV5MvU
'Alarming prospect': #Soros investing more money to fight Big Tech 'menace' https://t.co/MvLxU0EPga
Prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab jailed for criticizing #Bahrain's role in war in #Yemen https://t.co/ko2PHfcmop
BREAKING: US Embassy in #Montenegro issues alert about ‘active security situation’ https://t.co/VXG86oagwJ
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