RT, the global news network, broadcasts from Moscow, London, Paris and Washington studios to over 100 countries.

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As the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration nears, Washington seems to be in more disarray than ever, still shaken to its core by the Capitol riots. Looks like America’s greatest enemy has been America itself all along. MORE:

Russia has also been reshaping its international holdings, cutting the share of the US dollar in favor of other currencies and gold.

Asylum seekers are on hunger strike over 'prison-style' conditions in UK camp

Cancel culture is now rampant in the entertainment industry, which wants to edit Trump from Hollywood history. Stalin would be proud — @Robert_Bridge 

The new Axios-Ipsos poll included interviews with over 1,000 adults from Monday to Wednesday found that 79% of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement ‘America is falling apart.’

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How OPEC's major output cut can save the US shale

'Legacy of isolation & defeat': Cuba slams US over sanctions on Interior Minister for alleged 'human rights abuse' MORE:

The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation alerted people who hold ‘.hk’ domains to its new Acceptable Use Policy

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are not happy with Pfizer's deliveries delay

Winter in Moscow | Ostankino TV tower turns to an icicle


This #KungFu  master is faster than gravity!

These guys are real heroes! | Old man rescued from burning building in #Paris 

9yo girl tricks suspicious stalker in #Russia  DETAILS:

This dog's mother instinct knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her puppies after house collapse

Mother dog claws her way through rubble and stone to rescue her puppies after house collapse

Cat in #Malaysia  visits owner's grave every day for 2 years

Where are the borders of the State of #Israel ? – #Turkey ’s #Erdogan  to #UNGA 

Massive blasts leave #Beirut  port in ruins Two major explosions rocked Lebanon’s capital, killing at least 50 and injuring some 2,700 people. The blasts were so intense they reduced nearby buildings to rubble and blew out windows more than 10 kilometers away.

#Kashmiri conflict is waiting for solution for 72 years - #Erdogan  to #UNGA 

Boy dives down a pipe to save 3yo baby!