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Iran 'will not allow anyone to violate' its borders - Rouhani

Another finger slip? Hawaiians panic as police trigger yet another false alarm, but this time it’s a tsunami warning DETAILS:

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Italian priest suggests granting parking spaces in exchange not for cash but for Hail Marys

‘Commit all fraud you need as long as you support the US dollar’ – @maxkeiser  on JP Morgan scandal READ MORE:

Facebook may have gotten itself into a trap as the social media giant can’t decide on its own legal status

Cash-strapped Pakistan airline operated 80+ flights with ZERO passengers – media

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When a dog knows road rules better than you do

Gangster shoots at people point blank in the street and everybody walks away unharmed! (Warning: Distressing) Video via @rt_play 

9 out of 30,000 students enrolled in UNC Charlotte attend white privilege and racism workshop

10 killed after truck crashes into crowd in #Hunan  province, #China 

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This dog's mother instinct knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her puppies after house collapse

Mother dog claws her way through rubble and stone to rescue her puppies after house collapse

Man does 'Naruto running' during news live broadcast - as final preparations for 'Area 51 raid' are underway #LiveFromTheArea51Raid  #Area51storm 

'We lost 70,000 people... And in the end, we were blamed for the Americans not succeeding in Afghanistan' - @ImranKhanPTI  to RT READ MORE:

Protesters in #Kashmir  demand independence from #India 

“I was too fertile to stop’: This woman has given birth to a whopping 44 children!

A teacher in Brazil was surprised with an AMAZING gesture by his students after they found out he was SLEEPING at the school due to not being paid for 2 months!

EXCLUSIVE: 'I expected world to react much more to #Kashmir ' - Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI  to RT

Thousands of protesters march for ‘independent #Kashmir ’ in #Srinagar 

Clashes in #Srinagar : Hundreds protest #India 's decision to strip #Kashmir  of its autonomous status