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WATCH LIVE: Russian film crew returns to Earth from ISS

Russia's pioneering space movie crew undocks from ISS aboard Soyuz MS-18

THOUSANDS of Puerto Ricans turned out Friday to protest an ongoing POWER CRISIS More:

Republicans decry Biden's 'anti-American' energy policy

'As with anything truly merit-based, there must be that hard foundation in truth, and a measured limit where we might define, objectively, the exceptional from the average. It is a working system' - @Trad_West_Art 

The EX Future Science and Technology Museum will send you to the uncanny valley

Doesn’t sound very democratic

'As one prominent black politician recently told me, such obsequiousness is 'an embarrassment' to the black community' - @mrdavematthews 


This #KungFu  master is faster than gravity!

These guys are real heroes! | Old man rescued from burning building in #Paris 

9yo girl tricks suspicious stalker in #Russia  DETAILS:

This dog's mother instinct knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her puppies after house collapse

Indian politician takes the piss

Cat in #Malaysia  visits owner's grave every day for 2 years

Massive blasts leave #Beirut  port in ruins Two major explosions rocked Lebanon’s capital, killing at least 50 and injuring some 2,700 people. The blasts were so intense they reduced nearby buildings to rubble and blew out windows more than 10 kilometers away.

Imagine the shockwave coming at you... #BeirutExplosion  #LebanonExplosion  MORE:

Boy dives down a pipe to save 3yo baby!

Humanity In Action ? | Guys rescue old man from burning building in France, #Paris