RT, the global news network, broadcasts from Moscow, London, Paris and Washington studios to over 100 countries.

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46% of military households see Russia as an ‘ally’, while 28% of all American households share that belief

Protesters break bus stops and vandalize cars in #Nantes , France

#ExtinctionRebellion protesters undress in demonstration against ‘greenwashing’ at #COP25 

LIVE: Hong Kong: Thousands gather at the largest march in weeks

While you are at it, teleporters too, please

#Paris police fire tear gas at #YellowVests  protesters

‘Skin is Death’: Naked protests staged by Anima Naturalis group in Spain can get pretty intense

Sports lawyer hopes #WADA  makes fair decision in ‘political fight’ over doping in #Russian  sports READ MORE:

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Shark leaps on rock to devour sardines

Jackpot! Indian man finds buried treasure after he won $800,000 in a lottery!


This dog's mother instinct knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her puppies after house collapse

Mother dog claws her way through rubble and stone to rescue her puppies after house collapse

Where are the borders of the State of #Israel ? – #Turkey ’s #Erdogan  to #UNGA 

#Kashmiri conflict is waiting for solution for 72 years - #Erdogan  to #UNGA 

Changing the world of archery?

‘Where does the land of #Israel  begin and end?’ - #Erdogan  to the #UN  General Assembly#UNGA 

‘You have no idea how difficult their lives are!’ Boy rebukes his family for killing a mouse

Man does 'Naruto running' during news live broadcast - as final preparations for 'Area 51 raid' are underway #LiveFromTheArea51Raid  #Area51storm 

Well, they tried... During his visit to Saudi Arabia, Putin was greeted by a very familiar tune. Though judging by his facial expressions, he couldn’t quite remember where he had heard it before. Check out the Russian anthem ‘Saudi remix’ as compared to the original version

Did you know most of the food and drinks you buy are made by just 10 companies, giving you the illusion of choice?