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It’s a bird? it’s a plane? Nope, it’s a dude…

Round 1 | First presidential debate drowned by insults and interruptions

UN urges to go back to ‘meaningful negotiations’ to resolve the issue

90% out of 129,000 hospital beds are occupied…

Underwater works have kicked off on a sunken WWII cargo ship in Crimea’s Feodosiya Gulf. Pyrotechnic divers carried out 85 diving descents and raised about 18,000 items, more than 5,000 of which turned out to be explosive.

Presidential #Debates2020  | Round 1 | What was that..? From the hellos straight to the hollering… The first round of the 2020 presidential debates was less about policy and more about provocation

Now Israelis can only protest within 1 km of their homes as a safety measure to prevent #COVID-19  infections from spreading

The bridge is set to boost economic ties between Russia and China

Mid-air refueling results in a jet collision and crash


This #KungFu  master is faster than gravity!

These guys are real heroes! | Old man rescued from burning building in #Paris 

9yo girl tricks suspicious stalker in #Russia  DETAILS:

This dog's mother instinct knows no boundaries when it comes to saving her puppies after house collapse

Mother dog claws her way through rubble and stone to rescue her puppies after house collapse

Boy dives down a pipe to save 3yo baby!

Massive blasts leave #Beirut  port in ruins Two major explosions rocked Lebanon’s capital, killing at least 50 and injuring some 2,700 people. The blasts were so intense they reduced nearby buildings to rubble and blew out windows more than 10 kilometers away.

Where are the borders of the State of #Israel ? – #Turkey ’s #Erdogan  to #UNGA 

Teen dives headfirst into pipe to save 3yo boy