Boris Johnson Parliament

Last night, protest group @ByDonkeys  projected a 'criminal' Boris Johnson onto the UK Parliament during its prorogation.

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Boris Johnson Parliament

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"This is a Mexican-American kid who looked just like us, lived here in L.A., and he wasn't afraid to show who he was to the world," said Lil Libros co-founder Patty Rodriguez on turning the life of Ritchie Valens into a bilingual children's book

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Shouty men lecturing women about what they can, can’t and should do with their own bodies. The ultimate subjugation. If women don’t have power over their own bodies, what power do they have? @Barnaby_Joyce  lecturing Australia about re-production. Spare me.

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The House Oversight Committee has finally taken notice of the Transportation Secretary’s many alleged efforts to use her office for personal gain.

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