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"Remembrance Day, poppies, valour, courage, why are these dirty words?" says military historian Ricky Phillips who debates Dr David Aldridge from @Bruneluni after students at @Cambridge_Uni have removed 'British war veterans' from a Remembrance Day motion.
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1,000s gather in #London for ‘biggest’ anti-#Brexit rally seeking final say (WATCH LIVE) https://t.co/9foT2rRSqa
WATCH LIVE: Anti-fracking rally in #Lancashire https://t.co/Pk3TMhaRpX
WATCH LIVE: Thousands gather in #London for anti-#Brexit protest https://t.co/XVf1dnK2sK https://t.co/fFUfdRe0eZ
WATCH LIVE: Veterans rally in support of soldier discharged over #TommyRobinson video https://t.co/ElAdgQ7ajh
"I'm shocked that Jamal Khashoggi was lured to Turkey and he was so naive to walk in to that consulate"

@GhanemAlmasarir talks to @Underground_RT about the suspected murder of a Saudi journalist and his own experiences with the country.
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By the end I was in no doubt. It was the end of the @Conservatives-@duponline unholy alliance, @georgegalloway writes https://t.co/jUFUbn3zK1
Can you guess who the 'Bad Loser Russophobe' is? https://t.co/BybxVOlI4f
"That's absolutely enormous power and wealth in the hands of very few individuals" says @nickdearden75 from @GlobalJusticeUK which revealed that the world's biggest corporations dwarf all but the largest governments.

@Walmart is richer than all but 9 of the world's governments!
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"Extending the transition period is a very good news for the pro-Remainers, it will extend their opportunity to campaign against" says @RichardWellings from the @iealondon after arch Brexiteers pen letter warning @theresa_may against #Brexit 'surrender'.
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