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After the @metpoliceuk reveals that they're treating the car crash outside UK Parliament as terrorism, we recap last year's 'year of terror'.
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This is the moment a motorway bridge collapsed in #Genoa, Italy,
killing at least 22 people.

MORE: https://t.co/qyLJdUv0mF
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Westminster targeted by terrorists for 3rd time in 18 months https://t.co/7ixwY27Ucn
"London is crowded with homeless people at the moment" says Andrew Faris, the founder and CEO of @RhythmsOfLife as @JBrokenshire admits no new money set aside to end rough sleeping in the UK.
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.@Jacob_Rees_Mogg to ambush @theresa_may with ‘positive’ no-deal plan, released before @Conservatives conference – reports https://t.co/IluPxM2JSf
"This goes right to the heart of government" says Keith Best from @FreefromTorture as @theresa_may's urged to launch public inquiry into UK's complicity in torture.
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"He seemed quite calm to me" says a witness to the car crash at UK Parliament which police are treating as a 'terrorist attack'.

MORE: https://t.co/so6qKtHlfk
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"We have so much going for us in this country, it's quite depressing our own politicians lack faith in what we can do" says @UKIP's @MargotLJParker as research reveals the party's up 4 points on average since July.
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.@jeremycorbyn and @netanyahu have engaged in a Twitter spat over #wreathgate.

MORE: https://t.co/PP75jrQEBD
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London Houses of Parliament attack: What do we know so far? https://t.co/so6qKtYW6S
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