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Latest Scoops

'70% of people of #Gaza are refugees & there's no way out' – author Norman Finkelstein to RT https://t.co/5AadbdQEzF
.@georgesoros investing more money to fight Big Tech 'menace' https://t.co/d7g1S4BBlR
RT's @EisaAli_RT reports as @jeremycorbyn​ as the @UKLabour​ leader calls for greater #Brexit clarity for UK business.
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David Attenborough-themed raves go down a storm as Jungle Boogies sell out https://t.co/y3xJxRZTGC
"Irish Language Act is a political tool to beat Unionists with" says @JimShannonMP​ as Northern Ireland secretary Karen Bradley MP​ says some progress has been made in Northern Ireland but 'limbo' cannot continue.
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"The reality is none of @Conservatives​ cared 2 hoots about Northern Ireland"

Former Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern talks to @AlexSalmond​ about the Good Friday Agreement post #Brexit.

Watch the full interview on @AlexSalmondShowShow Thursday on RT UK at 07:30, 18:30 and 23:30 GMT.
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Night of knife crime prompts Khan to seek emergency meeting https://t.co/oz0jGwIUGG
Met police cover up: Officer’s secret role in mink farm operation exposed https://t.co/mxKrTJEL7q
"I wouldn't really take @jeremycorbyn as some sort of gospel truthsayer on #Brexit at all" says Robert Bates from @GetBritainOut​ who slams EU's approach to as "all negotiating bluster".
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Transgender woman who pushed off-duty cop onto tube tracks avoids prison time https://t.co/P49WdFZUi2
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