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Easy come, easy go, will EU let them go? German-led clique oppose UK stay in Galileo sat program https://t.co/NBo9fj1FqE
‘Stand up’ to the @MailOnline - crowdfunding campaign aims to take down #Brexit bullies https://t.co/Jci4b8JOcs
David Lammy and Toby Young battle on Twitter over accusations of Oxford University ‘racism’ https://t.co/S0ckKZQqua
Columbine-obsessed teens guilty of plotting copycat killings at Yorkshire school https://t.co/lKcM6RD7kk
"Max fac has already been rejected by Brussels, it's not going to fly" says @PeteNorth303,@LeaveHQ editor, as @michaelgove hits out at the Treasury calling them 'short-sighted' and to blame for #BrexitBill defeats.
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‘MI6 – secretly we’re just like you’: Creepy spy TV ad aimed at ethnic minority mums https://t.co/JsM4Kq2axW
RT's @Polly_Boiko reports as @jeremycorbyn pushes for an end to the @UKHouseofLords.
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‘@jeremycorbyn takes money from Kremlin’: Russian phone pranksters appear to fool @BorisJohnson (AUDIO) https://t.co/G1Uqkw0lDz
.@BorisJohnson has fallen for a damning 18-minute prank call with pranksters Vovan & Lexus. The duo duped him into believing he was on a call with the Armenian PM.

FULL phone call: https://t.co/ihg2d3RMDk
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‘Poster boy’ of neo-Nazi terrorist group jailed over racist & anti-Semitic social media posts https://t.co/seUZDkdTew
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