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“A good start would be listening to the will of the second largest nation in this United Kingdom.” - @MhairiBlack tells the House why she has no confidence in the Prime Minister. #NoConfidenceMotion
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RT's @nadiratudor looks at the #Brexit saga so far as @theresa_may battles on ahead of #NoConfidenceVote from 7pm.
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Spider-Man to the rescue? 🕷 https://t.co/wUpkRUxx3r
"What @theresa_may should be doing is resigning" says @citizentommy who talks to @scottienhughes after MPs rejected #BrexitDeal and @jeremycorbyn calls for a #NoConfidenceVote in her government.
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"Now Parliament must finish the job"

.@theresa_may responds to the #NoConfidenceVote by saying a general election is not "in the national interest" and would mean extending Article 50 and delaying #Brexit.

Do you agree with her?
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If last night's antics has you all 😕

RT UK's @ShadiaED explains what could happen next after tonight's #NoConfidenceVote.

Will it be win or lose for @theresa_may's @Conservatives?
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‘This is indeed a Zombie government’ 🧟‍♀️ - @jeremycorbyn slams Theresa May’s government and the 2011 Fixed-term Parliament act.
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RT's @NastiaChurkina reports as @theresa_may battles on ahead of #NoConfidenceVote.

MORE: https://t.co/jq8j2AYnFg
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"MPs have now lost their orientation of this entire debate" says @HBolton4PCC founder of @One_NationGBafter @UKParliament votes overwhelmingly against @theresa_may's #BrexitDeal.
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