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Julian Assange’s attorney argues an appeals court has grounds to overturn the “shameful” decision.

"According to so-called experts from Sweden, we spend more on petrol, eat more meat and go on greater numbers of long-haul trips." @Suffragentleman  examines the latest attack against men - climate emissions.

Within the global economy, winners and losers can be split into two specific groups: the nots and the have yachts. @Renegade_Inc 's @RossAshcroft  talks to economist Frank Shostak and investor @MitchFeierstein  to discuss the gaping divide… WATCH:

Some 45 people who used the device had severe reactions that required medical attention.

An art installation in Essex was removed after local Tory Councillors became angry over its theme...a theme of Britain's nuclear armament. But isn't art allowed to be uncomfortable? Or was it too far afield for a public space? RT UK's @martynandrews  explores.

UNESCO's decision brings praise...and condemnation.

“I think this trial marks a turning point that can bring about greater credibility of the Holy See in financial areas,” - Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy


Benidorm + Coronavirus = Managerial mayhem! As Spain becomes the fourth most infected nation in the world… Some Brits are doing their best to avoid virus precautions and carry on with their holiday as normal.

WATCH: Moment Julian Assange is CARRIED out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

"I refuse to continue my military service until the arms trade with Saudi Arabia is put to an end." A serving soldier was carried away for protesting #British  weapon exports to Saudi Arabia - fueling one of the world's leading #humanitarian  #crises  in #Yemen .

A lifetime of professional HANDSHAKING has left Prince Charles struggling to adapt to #coronavirus  advice ?

Piers Corbyn (Jeremy Corbyn's brother) arrested at anti-lockdown protest in London's Hyde Park.

#URGENT Residents suffer smoke inhalation as 17-storey tower catches fire in #London  DETAILS:

George Galloway l The Labour Leak Ask yourself this, who benefits from the biggest scandal in @UKLabour 's history? @georgegalloway  drops some serious truth bombs and is free to #Questionmore  on RT!