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Some posters from the London#ClimateStrike  protest. Rallies are being held across the world today in what's expected to be the largest of its kind.

"The ball is in Boris Johnson's court" says @brexitparty_uk 's @JohnTennantMEP  who mentions party leader @Nigel_Farage 's suggestion of a non-aggressive #Brexit  pact.

British author @kamilashamsie  has been denied a German literary award over her support for the boycott of Israel. Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK's Professor Kamel Hawwash believes "they want to shut down any criticism of Israel".

A British military rugby team has had to apologise after posing outside a controversial Japanese war memorial...

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more Orwellian, they did - @NeilClark66 

"I think the US has probably 250 trillion dollars in debt that can never be repaid" @PlanetPonzi 's @MitchFeierstein  talks to @QMUL 's @DrLeeJones  and @Renegade_Inc 's @RossAshcroft  about the emergence of a multipolar world. MORE:


WATCH: Moment Julian Assange is CARRIED out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

“Oh I do love my job sometimes”. A ticket warden was seen laughing off abuse given by Tommy Robinson supporters after he gave the EDL founder’s campaign bus a parking ticket. Tommy Robinson is currently standing retrial for a contempt of court charge.

Pamela Anderson admits to feeling 'sick, nauseous' after visiting Julian Assange at HM Prison Belmarsh.

Musya the cat has become unexpected wet-nurse to 8 orphaned hedgehogs after their mother was killed in a lawnmower accident. 🦔🐱

Footage shows accused Afghan asylum seeker asking shoppers if they are English, before attacking them with 10-inch-knife. MORE:

Shame on the Ecuadorian government, shame on the British government and shame on those that let this happen -

.’s husband’s firm owns shares in the company that produced a bomb which killed 40 Yemeni children on a school bus. MORE:

‘The Venezuelan economy has been crippled by U.S. sanctions’ says , referencing former rapporteur .