Damien Duff Richie Sadlier

Damien Duff and Richie Sadlier weigh in with their views on UEFA's rainbow stance. #EURO2020  #RTEsoccer 

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Damien Duff Richie Sadlier

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In an exclusive interview with @Reuters , Belarussian Olympic sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya decided to defect as she was being driven to a Tokyo airport because her grandmother told her that it wasn't safe to return home

The Dixie Fire ravaged Greenville, a small Northern California town, on Wednesday, leaving its main street in rubble and stretches of the community unrecognizable.

BREAKING: DOJ announces probe into Phoenix police department.

As it's revealed there's a timber shortage due to 'unprecedented' post-lockdown demand, No 10 releases step-by-step guide to making a cabinet entirely out of dead wood:

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“I’m going to make sure I have security...And defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police..." - Dem. Rep. Cori Bush. Democrats want police for themselves but not for the rest of us.

#WATCH | Jammu & Kashmir: Zero Bridge in Srinagar illuminated in colours of the Tricolour, this evening.

"You cannot divorce the child care issue and the pandemic." The rise of the Delta variant and the uncertainty over schools and child care are keeping some parents from even applying for jobs.

Demand for Covid shots has nearly quadrupled in recent weeks in Louisiana, driven by an explosion in coronavirus cases. "The public is finally hearing how bad it has gotten," one doctor said.