Robert Reich

Let me ask again: Why isn't the media reporting that oil companies chose to raise prices rather than increase supplies?

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The Biden Administration has set up a way for folks to get four at-home COVID tests for free. Go to to order, or call their hotline at 1-800-232-0233. And if you need to get vaccinated or boosted, visit today.

Reminder: The GOP blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination for 293 days. Trump offered Amy Coney Barrett the Supreme Court nomination on the same day he met with her, less than 72 hours after RBG's death. They'll do everything they can to block Biden's nominee. Buckle up.

What is the political make up of the Supreme Court, and how are justices selected?

Man tries QAnon Covid ‘cure’ on baby grandaughter – and almost kills her

The Senate must swiftly fulfill its constitutional role of advice and consent—then vote on @PresElectBiden  ’ nominee. I take this role very seriously, and I look forward to reviewing the credentials, experiences and qualifications of any nominee President Biden puts forward.

Justice Breyer has left an indelible imprint on SCOTUS & the rule of law. He has been a consensus builder & the epitome of judicial independence despite our increasingly partisan times. My full comment on his retirement here:

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Let’s hope diplomacy succeeds before we are dragged into yet another war.

#NowPlaying "Revolution Blues - 2016 Remaster" by Neil Young. Casting my vote right now.

My statement on Justice Breyer's retirement:

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