Robert Reich

U.S. billionaire wealth surged by a cool 70% during the pandemic and we’re somehow still debating whether the billionaires should be taxed.

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PM: “I’m going to get on with the job” - judging on past performance, that would be the job of lying, blaming others, evading responsibility, and destroying trust at a time when it is needed most #PMQs 

PM’s “apology” for not knowing about the party happening in Downing Street fools no-one. This is happening on his watch in the place he lives - he needs to take responsibility rather than throwing his staff under the bus. He has to resign #PMQs 

Whilst millions cancelled plans and had to be alone at Christmas, unable to celebrate, or worse unable to say goodbye to a dying loved one - the Prime Minister was breaking his own rules to allow a boozy party in No10. They broke the rules. They lied. They're laughing at you.

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"Very few will be convinced of this diversionary tactic" Conservative MP William Wragg asks Boris Johnson about media reports of plans "to initiate a winter Plan B" The PM says: "No decisions will be taken without consulting the cabinet" #PMQs 

The default solution for big government types like Biden and Fauci is always more rules, more regulation and less of your liberty.

“Never apologise. Never explain” has long been @BorisJohnson’s watchword. He has now apologised & he has explained …that it was all someone else fault. He’s threatened those who work for him with disciplinary action. Those who trash their staff often live to regret it. #PMQs 

PM came armed w apology & promise of an investigation & consequences if there had been party. But Starmer pressed the wound PM so obviously struggling to cauterise again & again. Most difficult moment was when KS evoked the Queen & asked PM if he had the moral authority to lead

Two dreaded criminals, who are sharp shooters of the 'Kala Jatheri Gang', were nabbed by the Delhi Police#news  #delhi  @TanseemHaider 

#IAFChopperCrash - CDS #BipinRawat , his staff and some family members were in the Mi-series chopper that crashed near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. Here's what we know so far:

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