The biggest lesson of the Delta variant surge is no one is safe, not even the already vaccinated, until nearly everyone is vaccinated.

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Trump-era Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is... (1) reportedly under federal criminal investigation and (2) still in his job and (3) doing this to the post office:

Josh Hawley tells General Milley and Defense Secretary Austin that they should resign to their faces.

Mitch McConnell & the GOP are playing games with the debt ceiling. They risk hurting Social Security recipients, vets & our troops. Our credit rating would fall & interest rates would rise. Defaulting on our debt would hurt every American. All 50 senate Dems are united on this.

3:04:04 p.m. - #HR4981  - On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays (2/3 required): (Roll no. 298).

Jonathan Isaac speaks the truth about his own COVID immunity but will the mob still demand his submission?

Let’s be crystal clear. If the bipartisan infrastructure bill is passed on its own on Thursday, this will be in violation of an agreement that was reached within the Democratic Caucus in Congress.

Joe Biden is defying the law. He is giving Putin a generational gift of #NordStream2  that puts billions of dollars into Russian coffers that Putin will use for aggression. That’s why I’m using all leverage at my disposal including holds on nominees.

Democrats are trying to do the job families sent us here to do while Senate Republicans keep prioritizing political games at the expense of our economy, people's lives, and families' bank accounts.

This is…. silly. It’s $3.5t over ten years. no in one year. Alternatively…. the Pentagon budget was $703.7b in 2021. Lets say they flatlined that for ten years. That’s 7 trillion plus. Or, roughly, two times bigger than this bill.

3:04:05 p.m. - #HR4250  - Considered as unfinished business. #HR4250  - "To amend the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to provide for rewards for the arrest or conviction of certain foreign nationals who have committed genocide or war crimes"