So let me get this straight: Trump fires officials for telling the truth, but pardons his lackeys for telling lies?

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If this is true, it's outrageous. I will get to the bottom of this.

#MoodOfTheNation | Almost three-fourth of Indians believe that #PMModi  has handled the pandemic well. Experts weigh in with @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep  #pandemic  #coronavirus  #IndianEconomy  #ITVideo  Watch full show here:

Appointing radicals like Malley gives the lie to all of President Biden and Tony Blinken’s rhetoric of unity.

I guess it’s no longer politically incorrect to name viruses after geographic locations?

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The situation is being resolved as I tweet and the troops will be back in the CVC or Capitol buildings tonight.

Simply unacceptable. You’re always welcome in my office. As a former Iowa National Guard member, I know how hard it is to wear those boots. Thank you for your service everyday.

We’ll get to the bottom of this and get it fixed. Congress is in session, but buildings are still closed to public, so there’s plenty of room for troops to take a break in them.

The #ParisAgreement  will cost the U.S. hundreds of thousands of jobs and result in higher energy prices; it will entrust billions of taxpayer dollars to UN bureaucrats, requires no decrease in emissions from China, and by one estimate would only reduce warming by 0.3°F by 2100.

Just heard about this and it’s absolutely outrageous. My office has some conference rooms and bathrooms, can accommodate at least a dozen Guard members and I can open it up right now.