America / Charles Coughlin / Sen Joe Mccarthy / Rush Limbaugh / Lou Dobbs / Sean Hannity

History has not been kind to those who peddle baseless fruitcake conspiracy theories to build their audiences but divide America (Charles Coughlin in the 1930s; Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s; Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity now).

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America / Charles Coughlin / Sen Joe Mccarthy / Rush Limbaugh / Lou Dobbs / Sean Hannity

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Where the hell is the Durham report… (just asking for a friend)

Memorial Hermann To Become 3rd Houston Hospital System To Set Vaccine Mandate

US COVID Cases: 125,000 among fully vaccinated people 35,000,000 among non-fully vaccinated people

"On a crash course": Texas hospitals brace for another COVID-19 surge as delta variant burns through unvaccinated communities via @TexasTribune 

The way you get your health care shouldn’t determine your ability to access abortion. That’s why I’m working to ensure that the millions of people who rely on government-sponsored health plans can get the health care they want, including an abortion.

It's bizarre that the sophisticated view in America is that this is a dumb objection rather than that the FDA is acting like a dumb agency.

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Don’t agree with all of his policies, but I’m glad Trump’s re-election stopped Antifa from burning down our cities.

82.4 million is not just a statistic. It’s the number of children, women and men. The number of hopes and dreams. The number of struggles. The number of uncertainties. The number of longings for home. Every number has a human face.