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The GOP's playbook to prevent gun safety laws: 1) Send thoughts and prayers 2) Blame video games 3) Blame mental health (while cutting mental health funding) 4) Repeat NRA talking points 5) Collect NRA campaign cash 6) Repeat This same tired strategy costs new lives every time.

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“Our role is to respond immediately, absorb that information, process it based on our standard operating procedures and make a call.” @NationalGuardNY  #COVID19 

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not Stopping Border Wall Construction

Dr. Richard Stone, Executive in Charge of the Veterans Health Administration: VA will see and treat any Veteran — even if you are not yet enrolled in VA health care — but please call us first via #VAntagePoint 

Pompeo: "What do autocracies do in the face of crisis? They become more aggressive. They deny people their rights. They lie more."

Stephanie Grisham is stepping down from her role as White House press secretary and moving to new roles in the office of the first lady. In her time as press secretary, Grisham never held a press briefing.

COVID-19 threatens the financial lives of millions of student loans borrowers – especially people with private loans. @SenSherrodBrown  & I are urging student loan companies to provide relief to borrowers similar to the govt's actions on federal loans.

Student borrowers with private loans are at extreme risk during an economic crisis. Their loans have some of the riskiest terms & fewer protections, forgiveness programs, & repayment options. And like all student loans, the debt generally can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

Student loan companies have a responsibility to let borrowers suspend their payments w/o consequence, protect loan cosigners, halt involuntary debt collection efforts, cancel/discharge loans, & expand modification & repayment options to help their borrowers weather this crisis.

As Jews, Christians and Muslims all head into these holy weeks, we are reminded now more than ever before of our common humanity.

This year, Christians, Jews, and Muslims all celebrate sacred holidays around the same time. The UAE Embassy wishes everyone Happy Holidays.