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The shutdown is diversion. Latest report: Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, he received 10 personal updates from Cohen, and encouraged meeting with Putin. If true, impeachment soon begins. https://t.co/EgkdZ0Svcx
Next week's New Yorker cover says it all.
After a long and hard-fought campaign, New York has become the latest state to adopt early voting -- allowing eligible voters to cast their ballot up to 9 days before Election Day. Now it’s time for Congress take early voting nationwide. https://t.co/0IdQsNGR5O
40% of Americans want the wall. 60% don’t. 40% support the shutdown. 60% don’t. 40% think we’re being overrun by dangerous immigrants. 60% don’t. 40% believe whatever Trump tells them. 60% don’t. America’s deepest divide is over Donald Trump.
When it comes to passing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, McConnell bends the rules, cancels hearings, and delivers the votes.

But when it comes to hundreds of thousands of workers, he delays, equivocates, and blocks the vote.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer.
You can expect Giuliani to throw out more ridiculous claims as Mueller closes in. Not only does this legal strategy defy the bounds of reason, it undermines the rule of law and seeks to justify serious crimes against our democracy.
The Trump's team evolution on collusion:
1) Russia, if you're listening, please collude!
2) Let's meet to collude. I love it!
3) Comey, you're fired for looking into collusion.
5) Collusion is not a crime.
6) The campaign might have colluded, but not me!
The 6 biggest Wall Street banks made over $100 billion in 2018 – a record. You can bet they’ll reinvest some of this in politics, where they get some of their best returns -- 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagal, 2008 bailout, 2017 deregulation, 2018 tax cut.

In just the past 10 days, we've learned:
--The FBI has investigated whether the president is working on behalf of Putin.
--Trump tried to hide the details of his meetings with him.
--Manafort shared polling data w/ a potential Russian agent.
--Trump is considering leaving NATO.
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