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What are the current and projected capabilities of Russian military forces, as well as their strengths and weaknesses? This new report explores:

Following a human-made disaster, potentially responsible parties sometimes offer victims early assistance — hotel or meal vouchers, for example. Our new report examines how this support has played out in practice:

"There are a lot of services trying to address the needs of returning citizens. But they're often designed without much input from the very people who need the services."

What do law enforcement agencies need to better deal with evidence of criminal activity on the dark web? New report:

3 key political factors led Russia to intervene in Syria in 2015: 1. The perception that Assad's collapse was imminent 2. The belief that such a collapse would have grave security implications 3. The view that alternatives (e.g., diplomacy) were futile

Here are four reasons why South Korea should reconsider the decision to withdraw from its intelligence-sharing pact with Japan, per @ScottWHarold :

With support from @Hewlett_Found , we created an interactive database that lets you browse and search for web tools designed to fight the spread of disinformation online. You can even suggest new tools to add to the database. Check it out here:

Compared with a punitive approach, it may be more productive for policymakers to encourage pregnant women with substance use disorder to seek evidence-based treatment. Expanding treatment access may also help. New study:

As in other countries, the Australian health care system has limited capacity to rapidly move a potential breakthrough Alzheimer's treatment from approval into wide clinical use. This could leave thousands without access to transformative care. New study:

Doctoral students: Spend your summer working with RAND's renowned policy experts. Applications for our Summer Associate Program are now open.


We're excited to announce our first research report on the diminishing role of facts and analysis in American public life. We call this phenomenon #TruthDecay . via &

Today, we're launching the RAND Gun Policy in America initiative, which provides information on what scientific research can tell us about the effects of gun laws. [thread]

In America, gunshots claim about as many lives as car crashes.  Yet the federal government spends only about 1.6% as much on gun violence research as it does on studying traffic crashes and other leading causes of death.

"Since the beginning of 2018, Kim has surrendered and dismantled no nuclear weapons, but has likely built 5-9 new nuclear weapons. So he has not frozen his nuclear program and he has certainly not been denuclearizing; instead, he has been nuclearizing."

"Any return to normalcy is going to require both parties—the Hong Kong government and protesters—to make difficult, even risky, compromises. But if done in good faith, Hong Kong can finally move past this painful moment in its history." — @DerekJGrossman 

Conducting targeted social media campaigns. Spreading rumors and conspiracy theories. Creating sophisticated forgeries. Our new report explores the various social manipulation activities of Russia and China. This thread outlines some key findings.

Here's the link to our full 2016 report on the implications of allowing transgender personnel to serve openly: