bringing love bites back - Chris is out

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I feel very grateful that this collaboration exists. Thank you sister <3

I made a new playlist for you, now that summer stretches every warm hour. Enjoy 💙

A respectable woman How much silence does that involve ?

I usually resent sharing this, but here’s young me, in picture and in my own words, for Vogue Hommes. It’s actually endearing to look at this now, for what I dreamt back then became a reality that keeps on emancipating me. Here’s to imagination and reinvention. Lots of love ❤️

Choose your fashion icons wisely.

There is nothing you can’t do 💪

Turns out we created a new safe space and it’s online ! Tune in, conversations are fun and you might even learn about some exciting news before anyone else does (fauna wink)🩸♥️ @discordapp 

LA VITA REMIXA ♥️🩸 We asked artists we love to revisit the final song of the EP - ‘cause the solution is in the club, baby ! 💦 First batch out on the 14th of august, with special works from @agcook404  @logic1000____  @populousmusic 

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I can’t tell you how much that moment meant to me. Christine and the Queens was born because of three drag performers who told me : « you should own everything again. And no more shame ». Thank you @RuPaul  and all the team, warm thanks to the queens, and now sissy that walk ❣️

After blasting Rain on me too many times

« People, I’ve been sad », a new song performed for the first time for @colorsberlin  and available everywhere 💙💧💙