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Queen of everywhere you'd want to visit. One's new book 'Still Reigning' is out now: (FICTIONAL/SATIRE)

Latest Scoops

Special place in the Tower of London for you, cupcake.
Who can take a sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew. Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two. The Sovereign... Oh the Sovereign can... #CandyQueenCan
Not a great deal going on in Wales today, clearly.
Nick Clegg on the phone. Not enjoying his work experience at Facebook. Says it’s art next term and he’s looking forward to doing something less complicated.
What do you mean you “wrote off the bloody car”?!
Text from Jeremy Corbyn: “My position is very clear: I wholeheartedly believe in dialogue with terrorists and those who would do our nation harm, but not with fellow democratically elected representatives in the British Parliament who have different views to me” Awkward.

The Most Relevant

Off to Brussels to finish the ‘negotiations’ oneself.
Dear The Government, WTAF is going on? Regards, The Queen.
Dear anyone left in the Government, WTAF is going on? Regards, The Queen.
Tomorrow we shall be taking the King of Spain on a trip in a glass bottomed boat so he can inspect the Spanish Armada.
Ok people. Summer's over. Back to work. We've all got jobs. This isn't France.
Dear Madonna. This is how to wear a cape without falling over. Regards, The Queen. #MadgeDown
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