#QandA is a chance to ask questions, challenge power and share your views. We tweet other people’s opinions to inspire questions, not express our own views.

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Nicole is a single mum with five kids who juggled full time work and home-schooling - this year made her appreciate the school system in Australia. How has 2020 changed you? #QandA 

Graeme lost his home to the Cobargo fires and is living in a caravan. He wants to know when the Government is going to coordinate practical help and support on the ground? #QandA 

What can we take away from the “dark times” that, for many, this year presented? #QandA 

Does Australia’s alliance with the US dictate our relationship with China? #QandA 

Does society judge female promiscuity harshly? #QandA 

How quickly would an effective vaccine bring back the economy? #QandA 

How would you encapsulate 2020 in just one snapshot? #QandA 

Jimmy Barnes performs Silent Night with his wife Jane to close the 2020 season finale of #QandA .

Cobargo resident Graeme Freedman says his community was "abandoned, and left to fend for ourselves" in the wake of last summer's bushfires. Federal Labor MP Kristy McBain says "the conversation so quickly moved on to COVID, those feelings of abandonment never left." #QandA 

Michael Yabsley says he doesn't believe the COVID vaccine should be free - but Rita Therese says charging Australians to access a vaccine would simply "punish people who are poor." #QandA 


Meyne Wyatt closes #QandA  with a monologue from his play, City of Gold.

"Corruption and capitalism has killed our rivers." Bruce Shillingsworth calls for Australia to wake up, and stop profiting on water. #QandA 

Last night on #QandA , Malcolm Turnbull clashed with The Australian's Editor-at-Large Paul Kelly over climate science, claiming NewsCorp has "turned this issue of physics into an issue of values or identity".

Jim Molan says his "mind is open" on the issue of human-induced climate change. Renowned climate scientist Michael Mann responds. #QandA 

Why has the communist party locked up one million Uyghurs, and when can Uyghur Australians like Sadam and Almas expect to see their families again? #QandA 

"I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic," says Jane Caro. "I'm fired by fury." #QandA 

"Perhaps sit down and actually listen to the pain that you’re hearing here, to truly take it in, and to realise that, sometimes, we might live in the same country, but experience completely different realities." @NyadolNyuon  #QandA 

John Hewson wants a conscience vote on declaring a climate emergency, so MPs can be held "personally accountable... for the stance they took" on the issue. What's your question? | @SBSNews  #QandA 

Can the ‘politically woke’ be successful in effecting real change through the use of social media? #QandA