#QandA is a chance to ask questions, challenge power and share your views. We tweet other people’s opinions to inspire questions, not express our own views.

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#AustraliaTalks says we believe politicians lie to promote their interests. How can they regain our trust? #QandA 

Did any of our panel make a claim that needs fact-checking? Refer it to the experts using #FactCheck  #QandA 

Why isn't mainstream mass media shining a light on violence against women? #QandA 

70% of Australians say they have not personally experienced discrimination - but perhaps most have witnessed it. How should we respond when we witness discrimination? #QandA 

If you missed last night's episode of #QandA , listen back to the show this morning. Podcast available now via ABC Listen, iTunes, and here:

Alison’s sister Jessica was murdered. She want to know why the mainstream media is more interested in covering football than shining a light on violence against Indigenous women. #QandA 

Can hard work get you out of poverty? @StorerDylan  and @zrfk  respond. #QandA 

When US plans to increase refugee intake in 2016 were met with criticism, Samantha Power responded by saying "using inaccurate characterisations of threats to justify shifts in policy" are "counterproductive". What's your question? | @abcnews  #QandA 

During January's Israeli election campaign, Tamar Zandberg demanded that Israel's Shin Bet security service "make sure Putin doesn't steal the election for his friend, the dictator Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu)." What will you ask her? | @abcnews  #QandA 


"Corruption and capitalism has killed our rivers." Bruce Shillingsworth calls for Australia to wake up, and stop profiting on water. #QandA 

Can the ‘politically woke’ be successful in effecting real change through the use of social media? #QandA 

John Hewson wants a conscience vote on declaring a climate emergency, so MPs can be held "personally accountable... for the stance they took" on the issue. What's your question? | @SBSNews  #QandA 

“If these kids are able to sustain this… then it will have an effect.” @KerryOBrien  on the climate strikes. #QandA 

How would a Shorten Government lead the Australian community towards being a decent and caring country? #QandA 

#QChoose #Spin  - I think Joe Hockey was unconvincing on #Budget2015  on #QandA  tonight - Just more #HockeySpin 

@rgay  on empathy, disaffected men, and disempowered women #QandA 

Briggs talks about the disadvantage his family faced in the 1980s, and the racist trolling he faces online every day. #QandA