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With children trapped indoors, college students banned from campuses, and young adults forced to put careers on hold, family dynamics face new and intense pressures. Here’s how to make the new normal work for your family.

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The secret behind why some people feel less sure of their worth as they age, according to @MegSelig1 

Google searches for the question "Am I racist?" are spiking. But people often fail to realistically assess their own behavior. Here's why—and the question they should ask instead.

Men trying to protect a relationship sometimes do so with positive actions, like giving a partner compliments or gifts. Others take a much more antagonistic approach. This may be why.

"While things don’t always happen for the best, we can still choose to make the best of things that happen."

How therapy can help you heal from the long-term harm caused by not getting your emotional needs met as a child, writes @GroverSean 

Why addiction and trauma are interconnected and must be healed together, explains @DrJasonNLinder 

Why people hate—and how to stop the emotion from taking over your life

5 reasons why a child may be reluctant to open up about depression—and how parents can make them feel safe to discuss it

Why do some children stand up to bullies and speak out for what's right while so many others stay quiet? Courageous kids share a few surprising traits.


"Procrastination isn’t a personality flaw or a time-management issue. It's a way of coping with challenging emotions and negative moods induced by certain tasks."

In a healthy family, parents do their best to meet their children's needs. But dysfunctional families follow a whole different set of unspoken rules.

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How music takes us deep inside our sadness, so that we can begin healing

A new study debunks the popular myth that the "right brain" is the source of creativity

Why physical activity is such a healthy and effective coping mechanism for anxiety

We need to change the way we talk about mental illness and suicide

Mental illness, like physical illness, is not a choice. It's time to stop stigmatizing those who are brave enough to reach out for help.

Confirmation bias—what you believe to be true about yourself—affects every choice you make, every day

Why hugs have such a profoundly positive effect on our mood and mental health