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Latest Scoops

That's it for snap mentions for your Thursday. No snap mentions on Friday, but they will be 6 on Saturday! 📸📹
Just got done watching a new Crowbcat video & if you're thinking about getting for#PUBG the Xbox One you might as well watch this video right now you better think twice on getting it.
I would really love to play this kind of game of thorns pixel game especially on Steam. 👾🎮🕹
I guess the Simpsons have predicted the Ready Player One movie especially the getting kind of good predicting things which is kind of scary. 🎮🕹👾😬
It's kind of interesting in this chart that Nintendo has always set their prices on a low cost since the SNES days. I really don't know what the people who made the 3DO were thinking of that price over $1,000. 🕹🎮👾💰
Some argue that this is the best Mario Kart game of all time, but I had to digress there since the first one came out in the early 90s. 🎮🕹👾
I always like listening to the intro of Megaman in the Willy Wars bring back so much good memories! 🎶🎮🕹
That’s it for the news on your Thursday and I know I’m not in the very good mood since this whole bullshit Net Neutraility voter situation went down with the FCC. I don’t know where we’re going to go from here. More news on Friday.
Pretty cool especially to kill a spider.
Let’s just get started with Thursdays news right now since the FCC it’s trying to kill freedom of speech with the vote #NetNuetrality situation going down today. It makes me sad how this country is changing for the worst.
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