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Touring the world in 2019, mainly talking about cosmology, quantum mechanics, black holes and the value of our civilisation.

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Let’s tell it how it is. The EU are not locking us out. The Government, by interpreting Brexit as ‘keep them foreign’s out’, dumped us out of the single market and customs union, thus kneecapping half our industry and probably breaking up the U.K.

Absolutely superb news. Wonderful. Thanks to all the researchers and indeed everyone involved in the testing and approval process who’ve moved so quickly and efficiently to get this first vaccine ready for use. Finally, light at the end of the tunnel.

And a Jag for the driveway.

It is clear that the government must urgently request an extension to the transition period. Any other course of action would be utterly irresponsible; close to criminal negligence.

The Cage is back (that’s what ‘the kids’ are calling it apparently) .... A classic episode in my view In Praise of Flies with @matthewcobb  , @flygirlNHM  and @Baddiel  - today at 4.30 on @BBCRadio4  and podcast of course ...

Disgraceful. Disrespectful. Genuinely doesn’t give a shit.

Because it’s not a science and is therefore not well defined.

Superb from Professor David Spiegelhalter on the flawed thinking on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines. From the figures he quotes you could equally well (and equally erroneously) claim they make blood clots less likely !

Just logged onto twitter and noticed that the top trends currently appear to be ‘gammon’ and ‘remainers’. Logged off again.


I’ve signed this petition to revoke A50 and deal with the consequences afterwards - referendum, election, whatever. I have no idea whether these things do any good but after May’s astonishingly irresponsible speech this evening I’ll give anything a go.

Sad to hear about Stephen Hawking. What a remarkable life. His contributions to science will be used as long as there are scientists, and there are many more scientists because of him. He spoke about the value and fragility of human life and civilisation and greatly enhanced both

We are about to see the installation of a scoundrel as PM by a small cabal of ageing xenophobic golf club bores who will crash us out of the EU causing irreparable damage to our country and it can’t be stopped. Think about that. Voters cannot stop Johnson and cannot stop no deal.

I’m so sick of this ‘The British People’ nonsense. It’s inflammatory and divisive and also errant vacuous nonsense with no meaning in a multi-party democracy. The phrase should be banned from political discourse.

Sorry to tweet about politics - I’m trying not to - but I look at the news in the morning and I’m sickened by what has happened to our country. It’s a great place, about to be ruined by absolute charlatans.

One of the problems with Johnson’s character in my view is he seems incapable of taking responsibility, either personally or as a leader, for anything. The casual shifting of blame seems second nature - he can’t stop himself.

I’ve been through about ten revisions of this tweet, trying to remain civil, but I am finding it hard to contain my anger at Theresa May. I’ll settle on near-criminally irresponsible. She is focused entirely on keeping her party together irrespective of the real-world damage.

You will find Jeremy that I and millions of others will never forgive THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY for this shit storm because it is your fault. The damage has been done. At least have the dignity to own your own mess.

This is the simplest and most lucid explanation I’ve heard from any politician from any party of what trading with the world on WTO terms actually means. Intellectual clarity is a rare commodity amongst the current crop of politicians.

This is the way to deal with a bullshitter. If more TV and radio interviewers did this, we'd be in a lot less trouble now.