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“Europe is becoming a place where the numbers are prospering and the people are suffering.” -

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Brazil’s left and right unite to launch pro-democracy manifesto

Journalists at several protests were injured, arrested by police while trying to cover the story from @ElaheIzadi ⁩

Today, May 31st, is the 99th anniversary of the time white supremacists burned down Tulsa and left 300 people dead

"Simply put: the reason the world hasn’t been fighting climate change as hard as it should is because powerful people don’t want to stop exploiting people of colour. The urgency of climate change is also an urgency for racial justice." @EricHolthaus 

There is so much to be gutted by right now. But there is so much hope, too. So many people risking their bodies for justice, sweeping up broken glass, inhaling tear gas simply as an act of solidarity. They are the majority. They make this country great.

There’s a lot of information coming out about #COVID19 . It’s important that West Virginians stay informed, and that’s why I’m sending out a daily coronavirus newsletter. Subscribe here 📧

Minnesota attorney general says black Minnesotans have reason to fear local police

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