Samya Stumo

Boeing chose profits over safety, and the federal government looked the other way. Then, Samya Stumo boarded the company's killer plane.

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Samya Stumo

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Bernie is extremely popular on the left, Trump is extremely popular on the right CNN placed a bet against both How fucking insane Now everyone hates CNN

A little insight into how calculated this was. McSally attacked Manu in the 10am hour. She had registered the domain name "" by the 11am hour. (16:24 UTC = 11:24 EST)

Kellyanne Conway: "He'll be acquitted in the Senate, and he won't be removed from office, and he'll be re-elected."

Wow, one of Trump's great accomplishments will be to take whatever remains of Ken Starr's reputation, douse it in gasoline and just light it on fire. And I'm totally here for that.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Former first lady Michelle Obama turns 56 today.

Betty White turns 98 today. So to celebrate, here are 5 times she was the cutest human on earth.

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Iran nuclear deal: India can play a leading role in bringing US back into compliance with agreement&we'll not reject that possibility.India is a very dear friend of Iran&has good relations with US,it can encourage US to come back to the table.

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Mattis, Tillerson et al. convinced themselves they were doing their patriotic duty. It was the opposite. They should have resigned that day and held a joint news conference.

@BTS_twt  released a new song with an interpretive dance art film, performed in an abandoned shopping mall

POMPEO on @hughhewitt  re: Lev Parnas: "Never met him." Q: How about surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch? "I never heard about this at all, Hugh. Until the story broke, to the best of my recollection had never heard of this at all."