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New CBA could nudge cap as high as $205 million for 2020, but as always the final number is subject to negotiation between NFL, NFLPA

Friday #PFTPM , questions only, is coming . . . @PFTPMPosse  let 'er rip.

Report: Packers to meet with Aaron Jones' agent with one year left on his deal

NFLPA not sure when CBA ballots will go out to players

Colts could be interested in an Eric Berry comeback


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The officials flagged the Lions for lining up with 12 players, leading to a Packers touchdown. On the very next drive, the officials didn't flag the Packers for lining up with 13 players

PLEASE STOP with the "Mason Rudolph started it" takes. Whatever he said or did does not justify removing his helmet and whacking him in the head with it.

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A 59-10 loss has consequences -- including multiple players from the losing team wanting to flee what they perceive to be a deliberately sinking ship

The Raiders reportedly are getting ready to offer Tom Brady $60 million over two years

So which marginal backup QB will get a job with the Steelers instead of Colin Kaepernick?