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Lane Johnson on DeSean Jackson: His heart is in a good place

League, union to resume talks Monday; here's a list of the significant open issues that they two sides hope to resolve by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest

Pac-12 will play only a conference schedule in 2020

Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill is hospitalized with COVID-19; he's expected to be released this weekend

If NFL and NFLPA can't agree on the rules for football in a pandemic, the NFL can unilaterally implement rules -- and the union would have to challenge them via a grievance; a wildcat strike will not happen, per source


Leah Still, daughter of former NFL defensive tackle, reaches five-year cancer-free milestone

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The officials flagged the Lions for lining up with 12 players, leading to a Packers touchdown. On the very next drive, the officials didn't flag the Packers for lining up with 13 players

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PLEASE STOP with the "Mason Rudolph started it" takes. Whatever he said or did does not justify removing his helmet and whacking him in the head with it.

The president has tweeted or retweeted 22 times today and hasn't once said a thing about Juneteenth. #JustTheFacts 

A 59-10 loss has consequences -- including multiple players from the losing team wanting to flee what they perceive to be a deliberately sinking ship

Dan Snyder has three partners who own roughly 40 percent of the Washington franchise, and they all want out. All three of them.