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Plenty of reporters continue to parrot the NFL's talking point that players wouldn't be paid for a forfeited game; that talking point finds no support in the language of the relevant agreements between the league and the union

Per source, there are new fears of Ravens players refusing to play tomorrow night, which technically would be a wildcat strike. It could create major issues between NFL and NFLPA, if it happens. Potentially, it could jeopardize the balance of the season.

Anthony Lynn: I believe I'm right guy for the job, but it's not my decision

That's intentional grounding. Ball did not go beyond line of scrimmage.

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Steelers TE Eric Ebron isn't happy about playing three games in 12 days

New rules severely limit access to team facilities for two days after each game


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The people who claimed they weren't watching NBA games seem to be the ones most upset about NBA games not being played tonight.

Leah Still, daughter of former NFL defensive tackle, reaches five-year cancer-free milestone

The people who will complain the loudest about no college football season are also the people most responsible for that outcome.

Per source, the Saints, who are in Detroit, have a player who has tested positive for COVID-19. Testing currently is occurring of those who were in contact with the player, who was on the flight from New Orleans.

The officials flagged the Lions for lining up with 12 players, leading to a Packers touchdown. On the very next drive, the officials didn't flag the Packers for lining up with 13 players

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PLEASE STOP with the "Mason Rudolph started it" takes. Whatever he said or did does not justify removing his helmet and whacking him in the head with it.