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Our Mission: Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values, Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE

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As @BrianDawkins gets ready to receive his @KayJewelers HOF Ring of Excellence this weekend in Philadelphia, we look back to when Dawkins visited Canton to prepare for the Class of 2018 Enshrinement. #PFHOF18
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Mike McCoy’s firing as OC of the Cardinals has just hit news feeds everywhere. His release after just 7 games into the 2018 NFL season has us thinking about other short tenured coaches w/ NFL clubs.

Top 5 Shortest NFL Coaching Stints (Head Coach edition): https://t.co/ZSXfm1HtGn
This week's featured artifact is a helmet from former @buffalobills player Mark Kelso. The helmet has a protective “Pro Cap” helmet attached.

More on the artifact of the week: https://t.co/J9DNO6ZRWE
With a win on Sunday, @Saints QB @drewbrees would become the 3rd QB in @NFL History to defeat all 32 franchises. Peyton Manning & HOFer are@Favre4Official the only other quarterbacks to achieve this.
Now on display at the Hall: the game-worn jersey by @Browns WR @God_Son80 from Week 5. Landry recorded his 427th career reception to surpass @LarryFitzgerald for the most receptions by a player in their first 5 seasons in @NFL history (Fitzgerald held record w/ 426 receptions).
Canton is the birthplace of the @NFL (founded in 1920). Tonight, the new logo for the Centennial Celebration was unveiled. PFHOF celebrates with NFL rendering of founding at Hupmobile dealership. Downtown Canton honored Birth of the NFL w/ a sculpture in 2014 - “First Moment”
As @BrianDawkins gets ready to receive his @KayJewelers HOF Ring of Excellence this Sunday in Philadelphia, he reflects on his faith and how it has shaped him in football and in life. #PFHOF18
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Gold Jacket @RonnieLottHOF was our keynote for today's Heart of a Hall of Famer series. Lott spoke with hundreds of students across the country to teach them how to achieve success on and off the field. #HOFValues
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A sneak peek of the @KayJewelers HOF Ring of Excellence that Class of 2018 Hall of Famer @BrianDawkins will receive this Sunday during a ceremony at the @Eagles game #PFHOF18 #CARvsPHI #FlyEaglesFly

More on the design of Dawkins' Ring: https://t.co/03UouqORJJ
With the way kickers are performing in the @NFL today, there are sure to be more of them on their way to Canton in the next decade.

More on Vinatieri's quest for the NFL career points record: https://t.co/SMuKIOza9j
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