Steve Harvey Reveals Feels Kelly / Clarkson Talk Spot

Steve Harvey Reveals How He Really Feels About Kelly Clarkson Taking His Talk Show Spot

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Steve Harvey Reveals Feels Kelly / Clarkson Talk Spot

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We need a national stay-at-home order. I do not understand why the Trump Administration is not pressed on this by reporters every single day. The virus is going to be with us longer as long as we don't have one. Once you have a case in your state, it's almost too late.

I don’t know who needs to hear this—EVERY RUNNER IN AMERICA—but it is your responsibility to give a way wider detour around any pedestrian than six feet as you speed past them huffing and panting.

Germany is giving its citizens a coronavirus test and giving those with antibodies permission to reenter society. Why, exactly, aren't we doing that here?

An all- US classic after dark! Madison Keys and Alison Riske played past 1 a.m. in a 2016 @usopen  classic. Watch the full match:

NORD Asks A Rare Disease Expert: Are #raredisease  patients at a higher risk than the general public with catching the #coronavirus ? Find additional #COVID19  resources:

Practicing social distancing. Be well and be safe. God Bless you and your families. Keep Hope Alive!

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if you have zero income you should be eligible for Medicaid in many states.

Happy birthday to my friend @RepStephenLynch . Thank you for your leadership as the @OversightDems  Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security.

From bartering to begging for relief, struggling Americans confront April rent amidst coronavirus shutdown by & @josephax  @danieljtrotta  #COVID19  #jobs  #economy  #RentFreeze2020