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Driver who hit and killed 2 people in East Waterboro#Maine  had previous crashes

The city offered nearly $260,000 to any social service agency willing to open a day shelter for people experiencing homelessness. Nobody replied.

With a month to go before school starts, superintendents are taking their time making decisions — knowing a lot could change in the interim

We would like to wish a tolerable zoom upgrade day to all who celebrate

The Mary E, the schooner that capsized Friday, has been towed back to @MaineMaritimeMu , as the Coast Guard tries to determine why it tipped over. @MidcoastNews  reporting

Northern Light Health will require its staff get inoculated against COVID after the vaccines get full FDA approval.

More and more companies are making it harder for employees to keep refusing #coronavirus  vaccinations.

If diners want to eat indoors at these 3 #portlandme  restaurants, they will have to be vaccinated against #COVID19 . It's part of a growing national trend @MeredithGoad  reports

U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear #Maine  church’s case against #coronavirus  restrictions


"His empathy is legendary. He is famously generous, decent and kind. But most importantly, he knows that the key question in this election is: What kind of country do we want to be? @JoeBiden  should be our next president." Our endorsement.

@SenatorCollins  should demand to see all the evidence Unless some Republicans break ranks, this won't be a trial — it will be a cover-up. Today's editorial.

A Stanford University paper released Friday took a close look at 18 Trump rallies between June and September. Rates of COVID-19 often rose notably in communities that hosted the events, compared with nearby towns.

What say you, Maine? Do you want to know who your senator supports for president?

"It’s long past time for change in Washington, and Mainers shouldn’t be patient any longer. That’s why we endorse Democrat@SaraGideonME  to represent our state in the U.S. Senate. " Today's editorial.

And because every big event needs Strong New England Energy

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Via @ProPublica : Sen. Susan Collins wrote an exception to the stimulus package that let hotel chains get some of the millions earmarked for small biz. The lobbyist who pushed for the change? Her own longtime aide. #maine  #MEbiz