[WATCH]: @UNICEF_SA  responds to the call by President@DPRamaphosa  to take up the 🇿🇠#JerusalemaChallenge  #HeritageDay2020h #JerusalemaDanceChallenge #MyHeritageYourHeritagetps ://

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The Fake News refuses to cover the fact that GDP went up 33.1% for the 3rd Quarter, the best number by far in our Country’s history!

BREAKING: Because of LAST MINUTE ruling, Minnesota DO NOT put ballots in mail any more. In the middle of a pandemic, the Republican Party is doing everything to make it hard for you to vote. Stand up for YOUR rights: Vote in-person or take mail-in ballot directly to ballot box

CNN: So far today, there have been 83,757 daily new coronavirus cases in the United States, per Johns Hopkins University data. This is now the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began.

Taiwan has been coronavirus-free for 200 days. It has had only 550 COVID-19 cases and 7 deaths. How'd they do it? They believe in science. Testing, contact tracing, quarantining, distributing masks and guaranteeing health care to all. We should do the same. #MedicareForAll 

As a general rule, politicians pulling out of debates are displaying weakness.

Science. (That’s it. That’s the tweet. Pass it on).

Just a reminder: Jeff Bezos could give every Amazon employee $105,000 and still be as rich as he was before the pandemic.

Biden advisers say if elected he will abandon @jguaido  and start talks with #Maduro  Read it yourself here:

More than 225,000 Americans have died from COVID. But President Trump just keeps lying. And Senate Republicans just keep objecting to passing the HEROES Act to help Americans across the country.

@SecPompeo : Communists almost always lie. The biggest lie that they tell is to think that they speak for 1.4 billion people who are surveilled, oppressed, and scared to speak out.

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