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Focus on the Positive


There have been awards attributed & heartwork’ created in honor of us over our legacy. None as touching as presented here. Homegrown recognition brings positive nostalgia that will encourage us on the path we etched. Respect the all in Handsworth as the Revolution continues.
Bring your positive voice to the midterm elections: Reach out to candidates and ask if they will support fighting poverty and uplifting children around the world! https://t.co/NRYzquVOC6 #WVAdvocacy
The Power Of Positive Speech: How Choosing The Right Words Defines Your Reality https://t.co/uxG2QBMoKg #SundayBrunch #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts #SundayReads #positivethinking
When you focus on God's promises instead of the problems, you'll notice your thoughts will be healthier and filled with peace.
From the outset of its launch in April 2015, @cateredplymouth has put children at the centre of everything it does, with the focus firmly on making food fun. That's why they are our Education Caterer of the Year #FSCateys

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