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Right now, @EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is pushing the #CensoringScience rule, which would blind the agency to the true health harms of pollution and lead to more lives lost . #ScienceNotSilence
It’s True: These Days, Conservatives Can’t Be ‘Feminists’ https://t.co/ywM3X9KeSp
Just because we can scan someone doesn't mean we should. QOL issues, Exams, etc all determine if imaging should be performed. This is especially true since most MRIs these days do not have an impression which says "Normal"
@itsallangiee Running to the beach each and every day sounds like a dream come true, Angie. Why head to the gym when you've got a beach to explore?
Why the Snickers Ice Cream Bar is the true king of ice cream season https://t.co/leKCVQ0b6d
Here’s what the experts think are the true capabilities of the North Korean military https://t.co/Lw8RrEceHg
Simplifying the HIPAA guidelines can help people better understand it. "Our frustrations with HIPAA are when providers say they can't share anything because of HIPAA, even though we know that's not true." - @CornerstoneMoCo CEO Cari Guthrie Cho #Unite4BH
#Personality tests with deep-sounding questions provide shallow answers about the 'true' you @ConversationEDU https://t.co/1BiNbOKRtt
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