Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal

Running for Congress in #WA07. State Senator, 37th LD. Advocate for justice. Founder and former ED of OneAmerica. Proud mom!

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Honored to have the support of the unshakeable fighters for justice at @JvpAction.  Our Middle East policy must prioritize safety and dignity for all. That means ending the Occupation and not aligning with right-wing racists like Netanyahu.

TODAY is our #WA  primary election. So proud to support @  href='/s/Bernie'>BernieSanders & multiracial working class movement that supports change that alleviates real suffering & gives real hope. There is a choice to be made here & Bernie will fight for ALL of us.

I mailed in my #WA  ballot for @BernieSanders  two weeks ago! Have you? 🚨🚨🚨You have until 8 PM TONIGHT to get it in a drop box—or 5 PM to get it postmarked.🚨🚨🚨 Find a drop box near you:

Some important things to note in #WA  state: too early and too close. We will only know the total number of votes cast over the next three days because we are mail-in state. So when you see the % of votes counted on TV, don’t take that as true b/c we don’t have all the ballots in.

With respect, @neeratanden,  this is not accurate nor helpful. Progressive ideas like #MedicareForAll,  the need for humane #immigration  policy, #fightfor15  are winning even now with Dem voters, all pushed by the movement you are criticizing & minimizing.

This isn’t the time for half measures. Here’s what we need to do next: ➡️ Issue monthly cash payments ➡️ Pause evictions, foreclosures, and negative credit score reporting ➡️ Full student loan forgiveness ➡️ Nationwide no-excuse absentee voting

Women of color are bearing the brunt of this crisis, working in dangerous and uncertain conditions as nurses, domestic workers, cashiers, and service workers. The times we’re in are a reminder of how critical our fight for equal pay for equal work is. #EqualPayDay 

Folks in the immigration detention and criminal justice systems deserve the same care and protection as everyone else. That’s it. That’s the tweet.