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U.N. to launch a polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan with Taliban permission

Atlantic hurricane season has gone to sleep. Will it awaken?

Myanmar’s military junta releases thousands of political prisoners

Colombia’s government responsible in kidnapping and rape of female journalist, rights court says

North Korea fires at least one missile into the sea, South Korean and Japanese officials say

Stripped naked, beaten, forced to shout ‘Viva Fidel!’: Inside Cuba’s crackdown on dissent

Israeli diver finds 900-year-old sword, said to be Crusader knight’s weapon, on Mediterranean seabed

Australian territory leader slams Ted Cruz for vaccine mandate criticism: ‘You know nothing about us’

Chinese police say he killed two people in a land dispute. On the Internet, he was seen as another victim.


Coronavirus is fueling new protests in Hong Kong. Authorities aim to arrest their way out.

Dozens of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists charged under national security law

At least three were killed in a knife attack in Nice, France, in an incident authorities are investigating as terrorism

Hong Kong’s protest art shifts from street clashes to virus panic. But the leaders remain the villains.